Is it necessary to own a Kindle to read a Kindle Book?

3D Lemonade Book cover 72 dpi thumbnail no glowThis morning I woke up to a return email, asking me if my book was available in a different format from Kindle, because he didn’t have a Kindle to read my book on.

I suppose this question never occurred to me when I was making my publishing decision, because I own a smart phone (an Android) and I have book apps (applications), and have been reading from Kindle (from Amazon) and from Nook (from Barnes and Noble) since I got the phone a few months ago!

I used to have a tablet with the apps before my baby grand daughter picked it up by the power cord and swung it around her head, lasso style, breaking the housing on what turned out to be an irreparable device due to the company having just gone out of business!

I went without being able to read my books for a few months, since I couldn’t afford to buy a new tablet or eReader. When I moved into my daughter’s house to help with the kids while she works and goes to school full time, I got onto her phone (and data) plan, and we bought my Android phone for a dollar!

This was a new and wonderful toy I discovered! Pretty much all the new phones being sold are smart phones (iPhones included in my thoughts), so a data plan is necessary to make it all work. It works just like buying minutes for your phone, so it’s not difficult.

I now could download all kinds of free apps to check email, Skype, play games, read, go on the Internet etc, apart from talking on the phone and texting! My daughter promptly got me addicted to playing the Simpson’s Tapped out game, and showed me Pinterest, which is my new guilty pleasure! Kindle and Nook offer free phone apps, so you can have it all with you!

Where do you find these apps on your phone? Each device might call it by a slightly different name, but you need to go to your apps store, or Play Store, and when it opens, type into the search tool, “free Kindle app” or “Free Nook app” or even try “free apps” to see a huge list of possibilities which come up!

By the way, off topic, my daughter downloaded a flashlight app, which works just like a real flashlight, and is very convenient in the house, and for when I take a longer walk and come home as it’s getting too dark to see!

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