“What kind of love do I allow in my life?”

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2 thoughts on ““What kind of love do I allow in my life?”

  1. hi tamara..this is nancy. thanks so much for your hard earned wisdom given here for all to read
    and take into their own lives. you know what I have lived also as we knew each other for so many
    years and have lived similar lives. you have voiced every single thought and learning I have ever come to in my life as a result of experience, speaking to others to gain wisdom from them and
    observing. I am now continuing to heal from toxic relationships and instead of defence I am
    feeling loving again toward others and having learned so much from the past am in my own
    way giving to other people that learning. I feel humbled by it and grateful for all that is good in
    my life. as in your life, all has been a long journey that continues . although we have come out of
    the toxic relationships in our lives, we have grown and changed, become new people. we can
    now go forward to better love, healthy love that all people want . so often the person we think we want is the worst for us , creating further wounding. I wish you the best love to come.
    with much love, your old friend, and always your friend.


    • Hello old friend! Dear heart, we have indeed seen and lived much!

      A saying comes to mind: “Damaged people are dangerous; they know they can survive!” I once was fragile and didn’t think I could handle all that life was giving me… it has taken me many years to heal and find my strength. I’m so happy you’ve found your healing and strength too!

      If you are so inclined I wonder if you would be able to go to my Amazon book page and give a rating and review?

      It’s now my mission to bring the information and lessons in the book to people who are still searching for this path and who need to learn the tools!

      You can email me and we can chat more personally!

      With love and deep regards, your old friend Tamara


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