How would you find happiness or meaning in your life if… you never HAD to work?

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2 thoughts on “How would you find happiness or meaning in your life if… you never HAD to work?

  1. Speaking only for myself. I was raised with life is hard you live and then you die.
    If you were born poor well there you are.
    I was raised with every negative thought ever.
    One time this genius said be happy and all will be well.
    When I asked how to be happy they got angry and walked away.
    People are poor and suffering from all the garbage they were taught like
    like there is not enough and only the rich people should have what they need’
    Until they are help out of their pit of despair . told the truth nothing will change;


    • Roxanne: I agree, I too didn’t come up the easy way and along my journey I have had to hear many comments from people who tried to tell me that working to get a better life was practically useless since I had been told repeatedly that people with money aren’t happy and to find true happiness I needed to be satisfied with my status quo and not seek too much!

      Hmmm… really? Poverty is noble? Being ground down by despair is good? Not so!

      We all deserve to live and we all deserve abundance! There is enough for all! Just because some people improve their lives doesn’t take away from anyone else!

      We have all heard the old story “Be grateful for what you have for there is always someone else worse off… the man was sorry he had no shoes until he saw a man with no feet.”

      Someone pointed out that’s like saying be careful of being happy because there’s always someone happier. It makes no sense!

      We all deserve to be able to thrive! We all deserve to live a life that we don’t have to choose between paying the electric bill and eating!

      My question was a little more esoteric to promote thoughts of possibilities in our lives… if we had enough money where we didn’t have to work to earn a living, how would you choose to fill your time? What unexplored activities, or hobbies would you like to do? What areas of your inner being would you allow to come out that might be suppressed in the day to day grind of earning a living?

      I don’t have much but I was raised to be an artist so my view of happiness includes being creative and writing in my evenings and weekends when I dont work. If I never had to work again for a living I’d choose to help others on their paths.

      I may need to go back to the list and look at it carefully to see that I’m not promoting the idea of not trying to get ahead ! If I gave you that impression then I apologize. I believe we all deserve to dream and to have our dreams come true. Peace!


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