A Paperback Book in Progress

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]Special Note from November 2015:

After struggling with pagination issues and getting Proof copies back with errors in 2014, early in 2015 I had finally decided to ditch uploading the Word document, and opted instead to upload a saved PDF of the manuscript.

Success! This is definitely the way to go when uploading to CreateSpace! All the text stayed exactly where I had positioned it, with no minute spacing changes which had created the pagination issues early on!

Now that I’ve finished writing the second edition and re-doing the look of the book with brand new formatting, as well as re-doing the cover, I’m very pleased with the finished results I received back!

A PDF of the manuscript is definitely the way to go!

This is also good news for the coloring books and the art journaling workbooks I’m creating! All the artwork will remain intact, and because it’s all black and white line-work, there won’t be additional costs for color printing! …Although when I create my photo books that will be something to consider.

April 10, 2014:

I may be a little bit of a perfectionist!

I’ve been working on the paperback version of my book, to prepare it for sale on Amazon.

The company I’ve chosen to go with is CreateSpace, which is an on-demand publisher. I don’t pay up front money, and when a book is sold I get a royalty. Sounds good to me!

The software required to do this? I formatted the manuscript in Microsoft Word, using the formatting tools, and following almost the same steps I’ve posted for formatting for Kindle, but of course with a few changes, since it is print.

For the cover, I did it in Photoshop, customizing my paper size to match the book size; I went with 6″ x 9″. Once I was satisfied with my cover I saved it as a JPEG.

Just to back up a little, I thought I had formatted the manuscript, but only picked up on a few formatting issues after I received my first proof. No matter how closely I looked at it on the computer screen, it looked fine to me. When I had the book in hand, I was able to see the flaws I wasn’t able to see digitally.

The cover didn’t turn out how I wanted either, since I had done it in a different software the first time.

The nice thing about self publishing in these two formats is that I can make changes anytime I want to. I can improve the content, and the look, when I wish to, or more likely, when I’ve learned something new.

This is the exciting part for me, since I’m always striving to improve and to put out better work!

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