Paperback book is now live… and here’s a recap of how to do it!

“There seems to be no plan because it is all plan; there seems no center because it is all center.” – C.S. Lewis. One of the quotes which is included in the book "On Becoming a Lemonade Maker" by Tamara Kulish.Special Note from November 2015:

After struggling with pagination issues and getting Proof copies back with errors in 2014, early in 2015 I had finally decided to ditch uploading the Word document, and opted instead to upload a saved PDF of the manuscript.

Success! This is definitely the way to go when uploading to CreateSpace! All the text stayed exactly where I had positioned it, with no minute spacing changes which had created the pagination issues early on!

Now that I’ve finished writing the second edition and re-doing the look of the book with brand new formatting, as well as re-doing the cover, I’m very pleased with the finished results I received back!

A PDF of the manuscript is definitely the way to go!

This is also good news for the coloring books and the art journaling workbooks I’m creating! All the artwork will remain intact, and because it’s all black and white line-work, there won’t be additional costs for color printing! …Although when I create my photo books that will be something to consider.

June 5, 2014

It’s Live! On Amazon! …and it’s been a long haul to get this to happen!

As you writers know, the long and many times lonely process of writing and birthing a book can erupt into euphoric feelings when you publish!

I’ve experienced these feelings when I published On Becoming a Lemonade Maker to Kindle format, and just now as it has gone live on Amazon as a paperback book! It truly feels wonderful to get to this point!

However, getting to this point is a journey in itself. For those of you who wish to publish to Kindle as an eBook on Amazon, here’s the link to the how-to blog page to help you make this happen:

According to some comments I’ve read on the Internet, some say it’s best to start with Create Space, publish your manuscript as an on demand published paperback book, and allow Create Space to transform the finished product into an eBook, which will then be published to Kindle.

I didn’t take this path, and don’t know yet the quality of their eBook, but I decided to try it just to see what the results look like. I’ll keep both versions up for a little while, and later take down one eBook.

My path started with the reverse order, and I found out about Create Space after I had already published to Kindle, so there’s no telling which path I’d have chosen to follow had I known of it first!

I’ve written about the Create Space paperback book process, kind of piecemeal, since I’ve gone through 6 different proof versions, before I was happy with the final product; and a large part of this journey has been because their website/publishing software isn’t quite WYSIWYG “What You See Is What You Get”.

Their website is easy to use, quite intuitive really, just not entirely WYSIWYG as my own experience showed.

To start: You’ll need to go to their website and open a free account. The entire process is free! Yay! (That’s why I chose it!) The finished book is presented on Amazon, and when someone buys a paperback book, they print one up and ship it to the client (hence “On Demand”), then send you your royalty check! Sounds good right?

I uploaded the cover I had used for the Kindle book, as a JPEG, and I chose a layout which allowed me to have a large photo on the front. I had created the cover myself in PowerPoint, selecting a custom slide size to match the size I had chosen for the book. I wanted a special effect of text over part of the photo, and doing it in PowerPoint allowed me to do this, using basic software. I saved it as a JPEG, which could then be uploaded.

Sounds good right? Well I found out that a bigger photo with text prints blurry and pixilated with their publishing software, even though everything looked great online!

I had to go through a couple more proofs to get the cover printing nice and sharp; reducing the size of the photo, and not adding any text to it before saving as a JPEG was the trick, and using Create Space’s template for text.

I didn’t get the exact cover design I wanted, but compromise was necessary to get a nice looking finished product. In the final round, #7, I chose to go with a different template for the cover, which placed the same photo I had used previously, in a large size covering the whole cover. It printed clean and clear, which seems to go against what I had done in the first couple of proofs, but that’s just the quirks of Create Space!

The next issue I found with their software, was the page count wasn’t the same as my manuscript on the computer, (and yes, I had used their downloaded template,) which meant that the table of contents numbering was off, and I had to go through the actual printed copies to see what all my chapter heading were on and then write it in manually.

The template I chose, for the 6″ x 9″ format required carefully copy/pasting the manuscript chapter by chapter, to take advantage of their layout design.

I had prepared my original manuscript using Microsoft Word’s Style menus for Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and normal text, which did copy/paste into the template fairly well.

I did have to go through it carefully, and make a few changes to some of the headings, so don’t assume it will be perfect; check it carefully when you do it!

Yes, it’s a time consuming process to carefully copy/paste your manuscript into the template, especially into the Table of Contents, and since mine is non-fiction with many sub-chapters, it was a little tedious.

A little tip for the last page of the Table of Contents: their template is for a table centered vertically on the page, so if you have a half page at the end as I did, you’ll need to add empty lines to the table (by placing your cursor in the very last box after the last word, press Tab key. Keep pressing Tab key, until you have filled the page, which nicely places the remainder of the Table of Contents to the top of the page, instead of hovering in the middle! Yep, it happened to me!

There were a couple of little quirks which printed out oddly, but when I went to the digital manuscript to make changes to it, everything looked fine, and I couldn’t tell if I needed to add more lines or less to compensate for this quirk, without spending more money to purchase more proofs.

(Yes, the proofs must be purchased, but the cost is minimal really, and you can order from 1 to 5 copies. I ordered some extra copies, which I have given out to friends and family.)

On the whole I feel very happy with the end result, which is the very best I could get it to be, given that the vehicle is free.

Does the final result look like a real book, published by a real publisher? I think the quality is very good!

If you take the time to go through the process carefully, and patiently (the word is patiently, since it does take a bit of trial and error, and it’s tempting to either give up on it completely, or to rush it through just to get a product up for sale), make your changes and order the proofs and double check them, I think your chances of putting out a paperback book of a good quality you’ll be proud of are very high!

My next project? Creating the Audio Book! Keep posted!

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“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.” – Unknown. One of the quotes which is included in the book "On Becoming a Lemonade Maker" by Tamara Kulish. This old rusting vintage sign is still eye-catching even though it's no longer in service!

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