A Short Hop to Become a Lemonade Maker (and an awesome blogger)!

Welcome Blog Hoppers!

“You don’t have to be great to start,  but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar. One of the quotes which is included in the book "On Becoming a Lemonade Maker" by Tamara Kulish.

As part of my learning curve of being a new author, I’ve been learning how to become a better blogger, to reach out to people, for it is my belief that if I reach a larger audience, I can share the lessons and and even add to the messages from my book.

I’ve been following an awesome, month-long course “Book Marketing Challenge” (by ) for marketing books, full of inspirations, lessons and challenges, which landed in my email box daily. As a result of this internet course, I have realized I have so much to learn! I had no idea how much I didn’t know about book marketing and blogging, and this is a great resource!

There are so many areas I want to pursue as a result, yet the last day gave me a lesson which delivered a jolt of surprise.

I learned a big lesson from Ali Luke: when aspiring to become a guest blogger, it may not be necessary to start at the bottom if you have a good message to share… you can go right to the top!

It’s really an awesome article, and since I don’t want to do a hack job trying to reword it, I’ll give you the link to follow (she’ll even explain what guest blogging is!):

How to Land Guest Posts on Huge Blogs (in Five Straightforward Steps) by Ali Luke

For those of you who have been following my journey, from  publishing first as an eBook then on to the paperback, you’ve been reading some of my posts where I’ve been sharing the how’s of self publishing. Why? Good question!

Not only do I want to share the lessons from the book, but if it is your dream to become a published author, then I want to help you, by hopefully helping to remove a potential barrier.

We can have a lot of barriers in our lives, which prevent us from going after what we want most. Some of those barriers exist in the exterior world, and some of those barriers are within us. Neither one is worse, or more impossible to overcome.

The purpose of my book is to help you figure out how to re-work, remove some of those barriers and then to find the inner strength to move forward.

When I blog about certain events in my life, I’m trying to stick to my theme of helping other people, by showing how things were handled… at least those moments where I feel I have something to impart!

I don’t think that being a “Lemonade Maker” means that our lives become perfect and trouble free… really? I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t had troubles to deal with… or difficult emotions to wrangle!

I think it means we develop the tools to better handle those things which come up. Hopefully we’ll become less reactionary, and tossed around, and more in charge, ( I was going to say “even of our inner world”, but “especially our inner world” is probably more appropriate!)

So, I’ll continue to share what I’m going through, and what I’m learning, since this is the most authentic way I know of to share the lessons of the book!

Let me know if something strikes a chord with you?

“Always believe  that something  wonderful is  about to happen.” – Unknown. One of the quotes which is included in the book "On Becoming a Lemonade Maker" by Tamara Kulish. A beautiful rainbow made an appearance in the high desert as we were driving up to Taos, New Mexico.

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29 thoughts on “A Short Hop to Become a Lemonade Maker (and an awesome blogger)!

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  2. It sounds like you’re still perfecting the recipe for your lemonade (marketing plan) but that you’re learning a lot of valuable lessons on the way!!

    Congratulations on taking charge and living your dream.

    Thanks for reading,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Arm Farm, Brain Tales and Blood Day


    • 😉 It’s a constant learning curve! When I think I’ve mastered something, then I see what someone else is doing and it blows me away!


  3. Hello Tamara – the Lemonade Maker! It sounds like you have come a long way on your journey through life already – and that you have walked through some of your fears – rather than allowing them to hold you back. That’s, I believe, what life is all about. As you continue to do this, you will lead the way for others. Happy to be on this path of learning with you. Love that the Blog Hop is drawing different age groups together!


    • Jan:

      I agree with you! It’s so great we can be brought together! Sounds like you’ve done a lot of work on your own fears, are living life on your own terms and are enjoying helping others live the life they dream of! I think it’s interesting how at this time there’s more information out there for people who are searching… and how this brings us closer together!

      In the old paradigm of Red Ocean thinking, there was so much competition between people and not much sharing of information. Now we are shifting to the Blue Ocean way of thinking and we realize there is enough for everyone and we get drawn together!

      So very happy to meet everyone!


  4. Hello Lemonade Maker, Well!!! Reading your blog definitely touched some very sensitive areas with a bit of an emotional release. You are doing a great job sharing your innermost experiences. You write beautifully, by the way.

    Feel free to sign up for my newsletter. There link in on the homepage of my website and you will receive a free report about realized wealth and well-being. http://www.jazzyeco.com

    Have a great day.


    • Thank you for the compliment Nature Mystic! I am touched that my writing and experiences have connected with something inside of you… this is a compliment every writer wishes to hear and I’m no less! This is success… to be able to process what I go through, to write and to be able to connect with others… what an honor! 🙂


  5. Lemonade Maker, what a brilliant title. Well done on all you’ve achieved so far, and here’s wishing you all the best as you continue to turn all those lemons into a sweet blessing to others!


    • Thank you Shirley! You (and all the blog hoppers) are so sweet and provided me with some very refreshing feedback! 🙂 I will continue to write and hope that it will continue to help!


  6. Hi Tamara,
    Best wishes to you as you begin to put the many tools learned to work in your book marketing. May your path be clear and your lemonade always sweet!.


    • Debbie:

      I’ve got so many of those lessons to read more in depth and to reread to learn… then put into motion! Yes the lemons are being squeezed!

      …my inner thoughts as I start to think about dating again, are whether I will be able to tell a keeper from a “toss back into the pond”, I think your book will be helpful! 😉


  7. I loved your honest and heartfelt response to the journey we have taken together!! We shall all be making gallons of lemonade in the next few months. I’m delighted that you have come so far and still have such an incredible journey ahead of you. Best of luck in all your endeavors and please stay in touch!


    • Peggy, you’ve brought tears to my eyes! 🙂 I feel very honored to receive such support! Thank you! I’m looking forward to the next steps… a little nervous to be sure, but excited to see where it all can go! 🙂


    • Sally:

      Thank you for the awesome offer! I visited your site and am very impressed with your fiction series!

      Perhaps we can email to figure out the best subject what we can guest blog about? I’m still new to this so I may need a little time to find my way!

      Thank you for your incredible offer!

      Looking forward to talking with you soon!


  8. I agree with you that finding the positive in a situation or relating an event without dwelling on the difficulties is important. Everyone has obstacles, those that appear to have it easy, usually are the types that don’t dwell on the problems they had to overcome. They just take them in stride. I think your philosophy is phenomenal, keep up producing all that positive energy.


    • Toni:

      Thank you for your positive response! It took me sooooo very long to become positive in my outlook and to go from taking every difficulty as proof that there was something terribly wrong with me to learning that I wasn’t being punished but rather that the “rain falls on everyone” and since there is no fault in that, I could put my energy into learning how to deal with the problems better!


    • PaTrisha-Anne:

      It’s nice to meet you through the Book Challenge too! Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the article! It’s always nice to get positive feedback!


    • Katerynakei:

      Thank you for your good wishes! I wish you all good things with your endeavors too! 🙂


    • Moonrox:

      Of course the next step for us after reading Ali’s article will be to start to put her advice into motion!

      Thank you for your good wishes! I reflect that positive energy back to you and to all the Blog Hoppers too! 🙂


  9. Hi Tamara! I concur! I didn’t realize I had so much more to learn! Thanks for writing this blog post as well as about the challenges you’ve face in live! I value living with a brave heart!


    • Liz:

      Thank you for your very kind words! I was seeking to live more transparently and never thought that what I was doing was brave!

      It’s actually a relief to write and share my experiences, rather than keeping it all hidden inside and trying to put on a fake exterior so I won’t be judged… which happened a whole lot more when I lived that way, come to think of it! Ironic, I suppose! 😛


  10. Here’s to turning challenges into sweet victories. Thank you for sharing this post Tamara. I’m thrilled that you are inspired to reach more readers through blogging. What a great way to connect with your audience.


    • Dvorah:

      Thank you for taking the time to give me a personal message here, and thank you for creating this incredible forum where we can learn and share with each other! I’m so excited to learn what I didn’t know existed, and more about the next steps I will be taking!

      At first I felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information, but if I choose one thing and go forward with it, I can tackle something else after that.

      I figure if I don’t go at top speed as I see some folks are doing but tackle it in manageable increments, I’ll still be making progress and I’ll be able to absorb it all!

      Thank you!


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