Is there really a glut of DIY books?

“Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.” – Henry Van Dyke. One of the quotes which is included in the book "On Becoming a Lemonade Maker" by Tamara Kulish.I’ve been hearing a lot about how self publishing books is hurting the book industry… how there are just way too many books out there now… how the poor and mediocre writers aren’t being filtered out anymore…

There is a lot of truth to this of course.

However, with self publishing we’ve also come to know a lot of wonderful writers who would never have gotten a chance to have people read their work, since they didn’t fit into a genre or a publisher already had one or two authors with that style or subject matter. Not to mention that some well-known authors have chosen this path!

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Are You a Red Ocean Thinker or a Blue Ocean Thinker? One of the quotes which is included in the book "On Becoming a Lemonade Maker" by Tamara Kulish. A close-up shot of a metal sculpture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, looks like an abstract underwater scene with the blue color palette and the refractions of light!

A close-up shot of a metal sculpture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, looks like an abstract underwater scene with the blue color palette and the refractions of light!

The world of publishing used to be a red ocean and a feeding frenzy, but a wide blue ocean of opportunities has opened up for all of us! There are also so many readers who appreciate being able to choose from a wide array of books and not be restricted to a more limited range of titles!

Some authors choose to publish so their friends and families will have access to their work and others wish for a much wider audience.

Bravo, I say! Go ahead and do it!

Be mindful however to put out the very best possible product that you can! Even if you know in your heart you have a best seller, (and maybe you can’t afford to pay an editor,) please take the time to reread the manuscript many times.

If you are your own editor, I’ve found out that it’s best done it shorter spurts… it’s amazing how a few pages into a session, the mind will see what it thinks is there, and gloss over errors.

Let your manuscript rest for periods of time too, that way the brain has had some time to disengage from the words and can be more alert to catch the things which need to be changed.

Also… don’t get “married” to a particular sentence or paragraph… you might feel like you have captured the all time best idea, but it may not be the best wording!

These are a few pointers that properly applied, will help you produce a book you can be proud of!

Poor editing is one of the areas people complain about with self-published books. Poor writing is another area of discontent, and what I can advise you is to believe in your chosen subject, research, and write from your heart to create a piece which has your unique voice.

Being deeply connected to what you write about can produce a torrent of emotionally written words, but by becoming your own editing ally, you can slowly massage those raw words and thoughts into well written and coherent sentences and chapters! (I’ve read books written by people who wrote about their lives and in their own personal process, poured out every single painful and sometimes rambling thought.

Writing and editing are closely connected, and to become better, it takes time… I mean this in a way you may not have thought of, since each piece needs time to rest. (I’ve found that my art pieces need time to rest too!)

By letting your writing rest for a while, when you come back to it, you’ll be able to see where you need to make changes. This sounds cliche, however, when we get caught up in writing, we can do a little bit too much of a brain dump! While this can be very cathartic for the writer, it can be much too overwhelming for the reader!

I think this is where a lot of people get discouraged, since in the creative process we can overlook some of the finer points in writing to get all the ideas written down… this only means that the next phase has started, the re-writes!

(Please don’t hurry this process and throw your creative baby out into the world before this step is completed, just to have something out there. I truly believe your work will thank you – and everyone else will too – when you finally put out a finished product you are very proud of!)

You’d be surprised how many re-writes a project can take, but this only means you take a diamond in-the-rough and polish it!

So don’t get discouraged when you re-read something you wrote and don’t love it anymore… just roll up your sleeves and get polishing!

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2 thoughts on “Is there really a glut of DIY books?

  1. You are a lot more kind and encouraging than I’ve been about poorly edited/poorly written books, so I appreciate your supportive attitude and recommendations. I will strive to be more patient! Best to you!


    • I think I was ready to jump on the bandwagon, to put people down, but then I remembered how eager I was to have my book published, and feeling I’d like to cut corners in order to speed things up, so I think that some of those books (poorly written) could fall under that umbrella! (Of course, there will always be a percentage of “rubbish”, as my Grandmother would have said, so there may not be any point to address those!)

      I guess I like to think that impatience can be a terrible enemy, especially when there are no other people involved in a project to put the brakes on, we have to learn to do this for ourselves! 😉

      Thank you Sally for your encouragement! Peace!


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