Art and Photos make great gifts!

I became aware of a great art website called Fine Art America, which is a virtual gallery for artists to upload their artwork and photos. Fine Art America (FAA) produces each order individually, frames it, (if ordered), and ships directly to the customer.

pink peonies watermarkedYou can even order gifts for friends, family or clients and have them shipped directly, saving you the trouble of having to do it yourself… just treat each one as a separate order to keep shipping simple!

Interestingly, you can also have my artwork and photos printed on Duvet Covers, Tote Bags, Cell Phone Covers, T-shirts, Note Cards, Shower Curtains and Throw Pillows! I’m sure they’ll add more product choices in the future too!

For me it’s a dream come true, since I had envisioned for many years that I would open a shop where I’d sell reproductions of my artwork. As you can imagine, the start-up costs can be huge, in order to have enough inventory, which was my road-block for all these years.

It’s free to sign up, but the artist is limited to 25 uploads. For $30.00 annually, you get unlimited uploads, and a free website. I decided to go this route, since it would cost me that much per month for a website at a different site, and the Fine Art America site will upload a watermark on the online images to prevent download theft… but don’t worry, those watermarks won’t appear on the finished product, unlike the ones on this website if you would print directly from here!

I find the site to be very easy to get around, have started to join some groups and to upload some of my images.

I’m very pleased with what I have uploaded so far, and look forward to continuing to add to my collection, so please keep checking it for updates! (I upload each piece to Pinterest, so just follow me there and you’ll have all the updates!)

Please check out my webpage:

…all my art pages are share-able too, so if you think someone else would love them, or you want to save the idea for later, feel free to pin onto Pinterest, or to Facebook, etc.! When you click on one of the images, it will bring you directly back to the artwork page!

Perhaps you’ll find some other cool artwork to give out as gifts this holiday season! Yes, you can buy an eGift card as a gift, and the recipient will be able to buy gorgeous things to decorate their home~

Time to start ordering for the people on your list!
You can order cards in bulk (yes I do have holiday cards,
inspirational photos and artwork as well as many images without added text on the front), ship top quality items as thank you gifts for staff and clients, during the holiday season, and redecorate your home or office for the New Year too!

My personal webpage, where I have a few galleries
to organize the artwork and photos:

Don’t forget to follow me on Fine Art America so you will be able to see new pieces as I continue to post them. Also, if you like a certain piece, but are thinking of purchasing it at a later date, you can pin it to your Pinterest board and you’ll have the direct link any time you like! Here’s a great article teaching you how to do this:

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Would you like to see my Art Resume? Click here!

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