Healing Art… Does it Exist?

Muse Trio 1 lower resolutionI really didn’t believe much in the concept of healing art… that is before I was moved to, no scratch that, obsessed, compelled, hmmm, how to put it? I couldn’t sleep, so I got up in the middle of the night to put down on paper and express what was inside, before I could go back to bed and get some rest!

When did this happen? Well, early in my second marriage, we thought my husband’s cancer had returned, and while we were going though the process of testing, the emotional roller-coaster was getting to us.

I hadn’t planned on creating these pieces, I was doing “pretty art”, and those oil paintings are up on my Fine Art America site for viewing too, if you wish. I was a little shocked when these pieces came out, pulled out of me on those sleepless nights.

Each morning I would wake up to see my husband standing transfixed, staring into each piece, tears in his eyes… he said that what I had painted exactly portrayed what he was feeling but didn’t know how to say it.

Muse Trio 2 72dpiWe framed each piece and hung them up on the living room wall, and each visitor who came into the house was immediately drawn to them, and stared into them. They too had tears in their eyes when they finished looking.

Some of the people connected with them because they had gone through cancer, or a family member had. However, some of the people had been through abusive backgrounds, and the pieces spoke to them too.

I was asked to participate in an exhibition in New York City, as part of a group of artists from the Southwest USA, who were bringing healing art, not long after 9-11, and so I flew in with my pieces. I was very honored to be included, and so of course I went!

Many people found a great sense of peace looking into these pieces, some even cried and I remember thinking I was amazed that these hard-boiled New Yorkers were moved by my art! I think the one person who touched me the most was a young boy of around 11 whose mom was sick with cancer; he visited with each one for around 20 minutes, and afterwards thanked me for flying to New York City to show them.

Many people told me I needed to make reproductions and have them available for other people to experience what they had.

I kept this advise at the back of my mind, but didn’t know how I could go about doing it, when I didn’t have access to funds to make the reproductions or to market them. So the idea stayed percolating quietly waiting for it’s time.

Muse Trio 3 72dpiWhen I returned to Tucson, quite soon after the New York experience, I participated in a healing workshop at the Sunstone Cancer Center, where I was one of the teachers helping cancer survivors create their own art pieces, and one of the participants, a counsellor who was also grappling with her own healing journey, looked at me in amazement when she saw that her own creation showed her progress through to her healing.

She had spent years writing in journals, and here was one piece of art she had created which was full of symbolism, and when I gently pointed out the meanings, she cried; her entire journey was shown to her. She said she would have to read through pages and pages of what she had previously written to be able to get a sense of how far she had come, and what she had struggled with.

So truly, healing art really exists! I have experienced it myself, and have seen it in many people’s responses!

Since September 2014, I’ve started to make my artwork and photos available up on Fine Art America, but still hesitated to put up the Muse Trilogy. I needed more time to think about it, but I feel the time is right to present it, so now many people will be able to order their own prints, or even have it put on canvas if they wish.

The Muse Trilogy 1, 2 & 3 are now available on
Fine Art America for viewing, and as fine art prints!

Please visit them at: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/tamara-kulish.html?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=465362

I hope they will bring you peace too!

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