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ACX cover On Becoming a Lemonade MakerAudio books are the new time saver for the busy person!

Do you put off reading because you really don’t have time to sit down and read? Have you put off your reading list as seeming to be frivolous in your hectic day?

I used to think that audio books were great for the low vision patient, and that titles were limited to works of fiction.

When I ventured into the world of publishing, I found that the world of audio books is a growing area for the busy professional and there are more and more titles being added to non-fiction lists!

I’m proud to offer On Becoming a Lemonade Maker to you as an audio book! I’ve listened to each chapter my narrator Pamela Wolken recorded, and love the gentleness in her voice, which enhances the lessons offered!

The book was edited to fit a format of micro lessons, or mini chapters, which allows you to skip around if you wish, or to learn and digest each piece in a way that doesn’t force change upon you, but gives you points to meditate and think upon as you incorporate them into yourself!

Think about giving a gift to yourself and to your friends and loved ones as a remarkable tool to help you make your resolutions come to fruition in your life!


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