Let’s Get Everything in Place to Kick Start the New Year!

title image for linkedIn On Becoming a Lemonade MakerThe New Year is fast approaching! I can’t believe that we’re already in the final home stretch for 2014!

How many people are in the same position as I now find myself, at a crossroads of opportunities, examining one’s life and one’s last year, due to various circumstances in each of our lives?

One job has recently ended for me, and not only am I now looking for a new employment and life opportunity, but my daughter and I have decided that this is the most opportune time to move all of us to a larger location, where there will be more opportunities for all of us! This means that the doors opening ahead of us offer the excitement and adventure of getting to know a new town!

This is a challenging time of year to be making those kind of changes, and I think it’s important not to get into the negative thought spiral, you know the one: what if I can’t get a job, what if it doesn’t work out, I NEED a job right away so I’ll just take anything… well, I could add a few more, but I really don’t want to direct my thoughts on that path.

Instead, I remind myself that the doors that needed to open always have, and in the right timing. I may not have always ended up where I wanted to be, but I always ended up where I needed to be.

Now I ask myself: Where do I need to be? Where do I want to be?

One thing I’ve seen, I seem to gravitate towards jobs where I feel a deeper connection to humanity, where I feel I’m contributing to people’s betterment. This is where I feel happiest and at my best!

I’ve seen that the place where I work is much more important than what I’ll originally get hired to do, since employers seem to see my skill areas and give me opportunities to make a meaningful contribution.

What have I accomplished this past year that I’m very proud of? Well, at the end of 2013 I published the Kindle version of my book and started blogging. In 2014, I published the paperback and audio versions, deepened my writing skills, opened an account on Fine Art America where I’ve been uploading my artwork and original photos for sale, and have become much more active on social media, oh, and I’ve taught myself wire-wrapping!

How does this translate to employable job skills? (Both hard and soft skills?)

  1. I’m good at setting goals and accomplishing them, by planning and acquiring the skills needed. I may not have seen this side of myself as being so strong previously, but now I see I have learned this and am using it.
  2. Writing skills in the work place… need I say more? Well yes, good communication skills are important to be able to get through those situations that inevitably will come up within a work environment.
  3. Being an active writer has helped me become more concise with my words, and has also helped me clarify my thoughts. It has become a go-to tool for me when I find myself overwhelmed. The act of writing for readers has helped me in my own personal and work life to let the facts speak for themselves, and not get embroiled in the emotions, not that I don’t feel them, I just no longer get so bogged down I them.
  4. Creative problem solving: I’ve always been good at it, but this year has seen me up my ante, and learn to how to overcome roadblocks which came up along my path, so that I could accomplish these goals.
  5. Photoshop: I’m becoming friends with this great software. Playing with my original photos and posting them up for sale, is for me a realization of a dream I’ve had for many years, and I’m just so tickled to be doing it now!
  6. Wire wrapping… it might not have a workplace application, but I’m having a lot of fun doing it, and I’ll be opening an Etsy shop soon and selling the pieces there… another long-term dream I’ve had, which I’ll be accomplishing soon!

What skill sets do I wish to learn or to deepen?

  1. I think a deeper knowledge/ ability level with Photoshop to be able to use this for a company will be very useful and called for.
  2. Writing skills will lead to more management level work, where reports and analysis plays a strong role.
  3. Creative problem solving is a foundational tool for project management and business development.

As 2014 draws to a close, and you think about how you did over the year, and what you want to do for 2015, what are the things you are most proud of? What are the things you have learned? What do you want to learn? What do you want to accomplish?

Now, what is stopping you, and how are you going to deal with the roadblocks so you can kick start your year?

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