My Worst Critic Turns into Major Fan!

Mom, formerly my biggest critic, wrote to me saying she feels the writing of the book On Becoming a Lemonade Maker was guided by the hand of God! Wow!

Mom, formerly my biggest critic, wrote to me saying she feels the writing of the book On Becoming a Lemonade Maker was guided by the hand of God! Wow!

“Your Worst Critic Turns into Major Fan!” Does this concept sound impossible?

I too would have thought so, until I received the attached hand-written letter from my mother.

“Ah, your mother! She has to support you and love what you do,” you may say!

Well, in many families, yes, that would be true! When I read the letter to my daughter, she was as shocked as I was! “What? That’s Granny saying that? The most critical person on earth?”

I sent an advance copy of the book to my mother, signed, so she could have one of my books, and I fully expected her to find certain parts to be offending, and also fully expected to hear back from her pointing out those areas, so I was very shocked and surprised to see her glowing words!

Just to help you understand, she had been my abuser when I was growing up, and I made reference to the abuse in my book, yet she didn’t find offence in what I wrote, possibly because it was my past which I wrote factually about, and also told about the lessons I learned and the path I took for healing.

Later, when I was an adult, she became very religious, and was repulsed by many things people find natural in their lives. Her viewpoint became very narrow and judgmental since she had found divine approval, so her disapproval became extreme. A person drinking a glass of wine was condemned as an alcoholic, etc.

I had left organized religion many years ago, and wrote about my healing journey which took place outside of any church. I made mention of the Native American teachings I had learned so much from, as well as the four psychics who had come forward to give me identical messages over the years.

So I was very much taken by surprise that she had read the book in it’s entirety and hadn’t cast it aside as being “Not of God” as she would say about many things.

Additionally, I was shocked and pleased to see she had found inspiration to heal her own damaged spirit, and to find encouragement to start writing the story of her own difficult childhood.

So though my biggest critic-turned-fan is my mother, she has also been my most difficult hurdle in life to overcome and win over, which seems to underscore my thoughts in life:

“Nothing is set in stone!”

So, never say never! Keep your heart alive with the knowledge that your spirit will heal, that good can come from the darkness, that change is possible, and that you can bring your awesomeness into the world!


Thank you for reading!

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3 thoughts on “My Worst Critic Turns into Major Fan!

  1. Reblogged this on Beyond the Zone: God and The Spiritual Journey and commented:
    “It’s not the critic who counts. It’s not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled. Credit belongs to the man who really was in the arena, his face marred by dust, sweat, and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs to come short and short again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming….”


    Dream on!


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