The Genius Trick of Secret Pinterest Boards for Choosing Artwork!

title image for linkedIn On Becoming a Lemonade MakerSo, you’re an avid pinner on Pinterest? You have a lot of idea boards of all the things you love and all the things you want to do… someday?

Me too!

I became addicted to Pinterest when I got a smart phone just over a year ago. …Yes I know, I was slow on the scene, but that’s a whole other story…

I have, at the date of writing this article, 164 different boards, where I’ve posted hundreds and hundreds of great pins! (Thousands actually!) I run the gamut of inspirations for art and jewelry, to cooking, to home decorating to gardening tips and ideas. Lately I’ve been using Pinterest to share my artwork and photos with everyone.

There’s a lesser known feature, the “Secret Board”! It’s clearly visible at the bottom of the page where you’ll find all your boards listed. So, how can you use this for your advantage for decorating and choosing artwork? Is this useful for businesses? It’s not just for keeping ideas secret from other people!! *smile*

As you know, when we become an avid pinner, collecting hundreds of pins on one board alone, its a bit of a chore to scroll through all those great pins to collect ideas for decorating one wall for example. This is where creating secret boards, only visible to yourself is potentially a great tool.

So, now you’re working on three different walls in the living room and want to create a perfect grouping of art or photos for each wall?

You can create 3 different secret boards, appropriately titled so you know which wall is which, (e.g. small, medium and large; corner, wide, beside windows, etc.) and you can re-pin ideas from your regular boards.

If you’ve been pinning artwork and photos from various artist’s and photographers websites, you’ll want to verify if the links are still working for a piece you love, and if it has somehow lost it’s link, now is a good time to Google the artist or photographer to find their website, to be able to visit it to re-pin the piece you love!

Not all websites are set up to allow pinning to Pinterest, but many like Fine Art America are. I suppose if you really love a piece and the website isn’t set up to pin directly from, you can email the artist and ask if they could re-post the pin since the link has been lost, and ask them to send you the pin through Pinterest!

Each Secret board allows you to add and delete pins until you get the grouping just right. Since you’ll have first pinned the image to one of your regular boards, you don’t have to worry about losing that pin entirely when you delete it from a secret board!

This Secret board concept works well for businesses to, not just for a design aspect, but to actually keep potential art purchases under wraps until it’s time for the reveal!

Here’s the link to my Fine Art America page if you’re looking for photos. All my artwork and photos are arranged in galleries to help in your search. I’m adding to my collections regularly, so keep checking in!

You’re also welcome to look at my Pinterest site (Tamara Kulish) for more ideas; if you choose to follow me on either or both, you’ll see all the new pieces as I post them, and if any grab you, just pin them for future reference!

Happy hunting!

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