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I’ve caught myself limiting my possibilities, all to get a job!

How did I do this? Well, on LinkedIn I found myself forcing my experiences and desired occupation to fit back into a box I have felt I had grown out of a long time ago, which was administrative office work!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’d never do that work again if the right job  with a company I totally believe in came up… I would, since I’ve always been tapped to do special projects, which got all my work cylinders fired up, and really made me feel alive and needed!

It was fear, plain and simple that kept me from writing about some of my contributions to organizations, and fear which kept me writing the same old tag lines: “Experienced office professional…” blah, blah, blah…

Why did I do this? Unfortunately I had been told earlier in my career, that a lack of a University degree was holding me back from advancement, or from getting the jobs I was trying to get and was good at doing!

I’ve had a number of people who belittled me into believing I was worth less as a person and as an employee, because I didn’t have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, yet I had been vetted to be sent in as a long-term temp (4 to 8 months) to do the job while they searched for the ‘true’ candidate.

Had I done the job well? Yes! I had even resolved some of the glitches and issues to streamline and improve functions, thinking that this would show I could do the job well, and handle the responsibility! (I had even been told confidentially by my former bosses, when I had occasion to visit the office at a later date that my work had been superior to the candidate chosen.)

Was that enough to get me hired on as a permanent employee? Well, no!

What has been the long-term results of this belittlement to me as a worker? Self-doubt. Self-deprecation. I’ve worked overly hard to dispel these negative thoughts which I had internalized inside of myself.

Do I still believe that my past equals my future? No, I don’t believe it does!

Not only has my track record shown I can do great work, it has also shown that I don’t fit into the box I had lived in for so long and had come to accept!

I’ve excelled when I was challenged with work that combined my greatest strengths: Creativity, Marketing, Organizing, Sales and Writing, so I definitely want to tap into these skill sets in the future!

So now I’ve changed my profile to better reflect what I do, and to serve as a springboard to the job I’ll want to apply for!

Is this a risk to step out of my pattern? Potentially yes, but I’ve done more than pink-collar work in my life, and need to move forward to a place where I need to be!

I know that I’ll connect with an awesome employer who will value my contributions. Whether I’ll work for the employer in their office, work remotely, or a combination of both, well, that will be determined.

I do know I’ve had time to think about my skills, my value, and I do know that I bring a lot to the table!

How have you been limiting yourself? What steps are you taking to overcome your fears of becoming your best self?

“If You Don’t Like The Road You’re Walking, Start Paving A


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