May I Suggest an eBook for Earth Day?

title image for linkedIn On Becoming a Lemonade MakerMay I Suggest an eBook for Earth Day?

On Becoming a Lemonade Maker, the eBook,  is both kind to the environment, your pocketbook and to your soul! Why not do something nice for yourself today that you won’t feel guilty about tomorrow!

Ebooks are the unsung heroes of books! They’re very kind to the environment, are usually priced lower than the paperback version and are very portable!

Do you need to carry a separate eBook reader around with you? No, since you can download free apps to your smartphone! Once you have a free account set up, you can access all your books on any device, you just need the app!

It’s my understanding that you can download the apps to your desktop or laptop too, for people who like to read from a larger screen.

So why not curl up with a good book today?

On Becoming a Lemonade Maker is a wonderful resource for the busy person who is seeking the steps for healing and spiritual growth. It will help you to unlock life’s secrets, the truths behind the truths; to become the person you crave to be, and who the Universe knows were designed to be! This will become your new go-to book, for support and help to overcome adversities and to move forward from past hurts.

“You have compiled in one place an encyclopedia of knowledge with personal experience that touches the heart of women that no clinical approach can. Combined with what is spiritual, this is powerful…”

“I have the book in my kindle library and although I have read it three times, I go back to it whenever I can focus on its contents by subject and absorb what I need to remind me of my direction.”

“Thanks so much for putting your life experience and knowledge in a book for all to heal from including me as I continue to grow and become the person I knew was inside; now the inside and outside are more in harmony. The work of healing is such a joyful thing now. Every behavior of toxic people you have described has happened to so many. It is too sadly the human experience.”

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