FREE! That’s the Way the Cookie Bounces!

Cover Thats The Way The Cookie Bounces 72 dpi

Cover Thats The Way The Cookie Bounces 72 dpi

I’m very happy to announce a brand new mini book available on Smashbooks for FREE!

A Tribute to my father, Rostyslaw (Rusty) Kulish, produced and published in time for Father’s Day!

What started out as a short story to honor my father has evolved into a mini eBook!

This mini book also appears in “Write to Remember” by Philip McQuillan.
Philip had approached me via Goodreads, asking if I had a tribute to someone in my life I wished to contribute for his book. My father’s story is very compelling, and I felt it needed to be brought to a wider audience and so responded to Philip’s request by writing this story. It developed into something more, and through the writing process, I felt I connected with those inner things which had helped create my inner foundation; I know now that my father had a much bigger role in my inner psyche than I had ever realized. We are all a mosaic of our family’s experiences and our own; to deny that truth is to deny parts of ourselves. By embracing the lessons, the poison of those difficult times has a chance to turn into the medicine needed for our souls.

This is the story of a man who was taken from his parent’s home at the age of seventeen by Hitler’s soldiers, to be put into a slave labor camp. At the end of World War II, when the Allies liberated the death and slave labor camps, my father immigrated to Montreal, Canada, where he became a strong part of the Ukrainian community and where his legacy of music still lives on.

He was a gentle influence on many people, and helped to create a profound foundation in my life from which I subconsciously drew my own lessons of life. It was only as I was taking the time to write his story, with the delving into memories almost forgotten, that I came to realize just how much of an influence he had in my life!

I’ve made some interesting emotional connections between what my father and mother went through during World War II which played out in my life as a child and continued to affect me as an adult. I see this mini book as a sort of prelude to the book “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker”.

Having come out of the end of the tunnel of the difficulties in my life, I was drawn to and urged to write in order to share some of my perspectives and lessons. Since my parent’s past affected mine, I felt it was only fitting to release this as part of my foundational story to the book “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker”.

For families who have gone through very difficult times, and for the individuals who are trying to make peace with their own pasts, this little book may help to shed some light into their situation and help to prepare the ground in your hearts to better delve into “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker”! (Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!)

Thank you Dad for helping me, which will in turn help many people!

Cover Thats The Way The Cookie Bounces 72 dpi

Cover Thats The Way The Cookie Bounces 72 dpi

If you enjoy this book, I’d appreciate the incredible thoughtfulness if you could write a review! Thanks so much!

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