…and now there’s t-shirts, phone cases, tote bags and more!

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Fine Art America has now added t-shirts to their offerings through Pixels.com!

I wish I had kept copies of designs
I had sold years ago when I had hand-drawn designs! Those designs sold off the shelves!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Fine Art America (FAA) and Pixels.com are print on demand online companies which produce high quality reproductions of artwork and photos on paper and canvas, do the framing to order, and offer an assortment of goods onto which the customer can select a favorite piece of artwork or photo to be printed!

Apart from framed wall art and canvases, these items now include duvet covers, throw pillows, shower curtains, tote bags, note-cards, phone cases, and now t-shirts!

I’ve personally ordered from FAA to verify the quality to make sure my artwork and photos will be handled in a way I approve. I was very happy with the product I received!

For a long time I had thought on and off about creating new designs for t-shirts but the cost of production and distribution is huge without an existing network to tap into. I had long dreamed of selling my artwork and photos as reproductions on various products, so this is an answer to a dream!

This new offering by FAA makes it possible now for an artist or photographer to sell one t-shirt at a time to individual customers and not have to worry about warehousing goods etc!

I’ve made all of my artwork and photos available for sale as t-shirts and all the designs are will be printed in rectangular format, landscape or portrait.

I have a special folder just for t-shirt designs which have transparent areas to allow the fabric to show through, as I had done years ago with my hand drawn designs. I’ll definitely be playing with the positive and negative space so I can position a small design off-center instead of the default placement in the middle of the shirt.

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