Welcome a new guest blogger: Louise Macaulay!

Today is the first of a new series of guest blogs
by a long-time friend, and fellow artist!


Being February 2nd birthday buddies I suppose gives us a kinship and invisible silver thread of connection, and would explain why there’s been a lot of similarities in our lives. Louise and I went to high school together and only more recently have connected in a deep way. Life has brought her to Australia and me to the Heartland of the USA.


itsonlyrocknroll1When I went through a more recent difficult emotional time back in May, I wrote “How a Hashtag May Save My Sanity… and Why I won’t Be Sharing My Art, Photos and Writing for a While.”, which I had posted the link up on my Facebook page. Louise read it, and sent me heartfelt messages.

She didn’t try comforting me with nice platitudes and hand holding, but rather she opened up very honestly about what she had experienced as an artist and how it continues to affect her spirit.

I offered her a guest spot on my blog, where she’ll share her honest, sometimes raw, masterfully poignant memories of an artist’s life.

This series will offer a glimpse behind the secret art world curtain! You’ll get to hear the musings and gripes of a master artist, as she speaks from the heart!

Please enjoy! …and do tell us what speaks to you! (PS: if you have an idea for a guest blog piece, please let me know, and I can see if it fits in within the world of this blog!)

Art Diary: Louise Macaulay
2 Sept 2015

I have a story, this happened only a couple of months ago:

I remember a couple of months back when a young backpacker from Quebec was visiting and had to endure my exasperation with the art world. She was so keen to give me ideas on how to further my career (she was 20 and I’m 53… And she was not an artist of any sort) such as “you should sell your stuff on Etsy,” “you should make shell necklaces and sell them on the beach”.

Finally I had to tell her to cool her jets when we came across a mobile coffee stand on the beach, where the young male barista had a hand lettered and illustrated surf board for a sign.

I knew what was coming…”you should do stuff like that”, she said. By this time I was pretty fed up with her “art direction” so I asked the young gentleman about his sign, who painted it and were they local?

“Yes,” he told me, “she works at the Great Northern (pub) as a barmaid and does ALL the lettering up and down Johnson Street”, strangely I didn’t happen to notice any hand lettering going on up and down the street but I pretended to act thrilled as he had no idea that I was a sign writer myself.

Then he offered up information I was least expecting…”and she charged me $50“.

Holy crap, the job looked like it would have taken at least 4 hours plus the paints… all For fifty miserable dollars?

I turned to the young ambitious backpacker and said “see why I am not that busy?” Competition is fierce and people are giving it away.

The young backpacker thought $50 was good pay. I suppose if you feel that $10/hour is a good wage for someone with over 40 years of experience?

People who sell their art services for that cheap need a few stern words as they are an insult to the industry and will continue to give punters the impression that art should always be a labor of love and not a way to make money.

To see Louise’s amazing Fine Art Paintings and Blackboard art, follow this link to her website: http://www.louisemacaulay.com.au/





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