Welcome back our guest blogger: Louise Macaulay!

Here’s our second installment from Louise Macaulay,
as my new guest blogger!

4.boortspoonbillsI know I introduced Louise on the last post, but here’s a little recap: Louise is extremely talented, and has mastered painting, chalkboard lettering, and lamp design, to name a few of her gifts! You can check out some of her work by following the link to her website I’ve put in at the end of this article.




Art Diary: Louise Macaulay
3 Sept 2015

Not all my writings on being an artist will be about negative experiences.

It’s important to maintain balance for obvious reasons. But one negative experience I was never quite able to overcome was when I moved to England to study printmaking for a year then immediately went to look for a job in graphic design.

Although I never was able to crack open that bottle of champagne over landing that dream job at that dream agency, I had some interesting experiences along the way.

The bruiser was when I landed an interview with a leading agency in London. It was obviously a cut throat type agency because the man interviewing me basically told me my portfolio was crap and that a 14 year old could draw better than me and that perhaps I should consider a career in sales.

Perhaps this was an opportunity to seize by the suggestion of selling ads for that company. But judging by the man’s rude demeanor I had no intention of working for him so I went home and bawled my eyes out.

But at 53 years of age I wish I had asked that question, most likely the response would have been “no”. I was hearing a lot of that word back then.

One of the more remarkable experiences I had was when I approached an illustration agency. Of course I wasn’t really illustration material but this agency was really friendly.

I recall the interviewer filling me in about the “illustrators” who were extremely skilled. After the interview he invited me out for champagne at the French bar in Soho. I had a very empty stomach but continued sipping the champagne nonetheless.

This was to be the proverbial celebration bottle about the dream job I would never land. After about 40 minutes, I fainted, from the bubbles, from exhaustion and from being very hungry.

I was very impressed at how these kind gentlemen handled that situation. They could have taken advantage but they didn’t because they were real gentlemen. The boss had his work colleague drive me to a restaurant for a meal then took me to the train station where I traveled safely home.

Irresponsible? Pathetic? Some people may judge me on this action but it was one of my most positive trusting life experiences.

To see Louise’s amazing Fine Art Paintings and Blackboard art, follow this link to her website: http://www.louisemacaulay.com.au/





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