Introducing a New Guest Blogger: Dorothy Berry-Lound

I first became acquainted with Dorothy’s beautiful artwork through Fine Art America, where we’re part of a couple of groups together. I find her vision astonishing, and so when I put out a call for writers, photographers and artists to become guest bloggers here, I was very, very pleased when I saw Dorothy had taken the time to contact me through an article on this blog and had filled out the contact info! (Article: Would You Like To Be A Guest Author/Blogger? Link: Click here to go to article!)

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Dorothy Berry-Lound, also known as ShannathShima, promotes life, work and energy balance through her art, poetry and writing. She now lives in Paciano, Umbria, Italy with her husband and menagerie of animals. She is a Tai Chi instructor and Reiki Master and a member of the Fellowship of Authors and Artists and the Arts and Healing Network. She is also Chief Editor of 1stAngel Arts Magazine.

Here’s Dorothy’s first article where she shares where she gets inspiration for her artwork:

Ideas for Artwork?

“I don’t know where you get your all your ideas for your artwork from!” said my Mum recently when I was showing her my recent artwork. And it got me thinking, where do my ideas, my inspiration, come from?

Well, let’s see… I have two young kittens and anyone with young animals will know

  1. a) how much hard work they are
  2. b) how much fun they are and
  3. c) how difficult they are to photograph (because they don’t stand still). But when you get a photograph, if you are lucky, they look like they have been on cute pills!

That was very much the case with Stevie Mouse who is now nearly six months old but was rescued at four weeks, near death and blind. I have created several images around Stevie Mouse and she even has her own tote bag and t-shirt design!”

Halloween Critters This is ‘Critter Halloween’

“That was easy, now what else?

My healing work provides lots of ideas and impetus for me to produce healing artwork, one the main elements of my artwork and contained in my Red’s Imaginarium Healing Art collection on my artist website.

I run an Art for Healing group on 1stAngel Arts Magazine. It is difficult to describe how ideas for my healing art come to me, sometimes with a piece of poetry or something someone says that creates an image in my mind that I am then driven to create.

On occasion I can’t get an idea or image out of mind that comes to me in a dream, or daydream, or doodle (!) and my mind only goes quiet when I have created it. This image ‘The Child Angel’ came to me as I was reading a short story by Hans Christian Anderson.”

The Child Angel

“I was saying to Barnet Boy (my husband) just yesterday, that I see a large part of my world framed as if in a photograph that I can develop using photo painting techniques – I look around me constantly for inspiration. Sometimes it is an image that I know will just lend itself to the technique and create a particular mood. Other times I see something and I just know exactly what I am going to do with it and how it will look.

Like this image ‘Salix Reflections’. I saw a tree that was leaning over and I just knew that if I gave it a particular treatment it would look rather special – and so it proved.”

Salix Reflections

“Finally, other ideas, or inspiration, are just presented to me. That was definitely the case on the day I found a pair of dog paw prints in our lovely new pristine concrete (thanks Barnie!). I took a photograph of the paw prints, started to play with them, adding colours and texture and hey presto Barnie Paw Print Designs was born – and now has about 70 designs and a shop full of products all based on that original photograph!

I don’t think I shall ever run out of ideas for my artwork!”

Here’s how to contact and follow Dorothy:

Social Media:

Personal website and art blog:

Artist website (online gallery):

Google+ :


Facebook Fan pages:
For my general artwork –
For Barnie Paw Print designs –

I’m happy to introduce you to a fellow artist on Fine Art America!

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