Introducing a New Guest Author: Richard J. Bell

Richard approached me when I put out a call to become a guest author regarding his very funny and quirky book. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since “funny” and “quirky” can mean such a variety of things to many people. Keeping an open mind, I started to read his first short story… I liked it and so read another… and then another! I think you’ll enjoy his writing! It’s light-hearted and the endings have little twists!

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Here’s Richard, talking about how he got started:

“The title of my book is Life Seemed Good, But….

I started writing back in 2004 after the occurrence of two incidents that were to have a profound effect on my life. At the time, my wife and I worked at the same mortgage company in different departments. First we learned that our departments were soon closing with everyone being let go. The second is that shortly thereafter; my wife came home and complained of being very ill. A trip to the emergency room revealed she was in an acute stage of leukemia and we went to the hospital rather than back home.

I tried to deal with things the best I could but there was no denying that I was under a great deal of stress.

As our work was gradually being shifted to another part of the country, I had more free time and decided to try my hand at a short piece of humor for therapy.

Only years later did I come to realize that my first story was not as funny as I supposed, but rather was my mind’s way of relieving some of my stress without falling apart. It was mostly successful in that regard. In addition, there was my prayer: God, thank you for bringing her into my life and whatever happens, thank you for the time I had to spend with her. Fortunately, after a long road, she recovered.

Since my stories helped me deal with the enormous stress I was under, I think they can help others as well. Sometimes humor is a healthy outlet when you feel that life’s problems are crushing you. If life seems crazy, a short story that is even crazier helps bring one back down to earth and give perspective.


An excerpt from the first story in his book:


Some time ago, I bought a sack of russet potatoes at the grocery store. When I found a lone tater hiding in my pantry several months later, I noticed it had developed eyes all over its body so I plucked them out until there were two left. With these eyes perfectly formed and placed on this oblong, human-head shaped potato, it gave the impression that it was alive. Fascinated, I stared at it for hours and seemed to sense that it was aware of my presence. I held and talked to it. I even tried sending my thoughts to it.

I told the unemployment office I was looking for work in order to get my check, but I was totally preoccupied with this peculiar potato and the hold it seemed to have over me. After two weeks, something quite extraordinary happened. The potato became conscious and began to think on its own. I swear this is true! There are certain things a person knows intuitively to be factual, and I wasn’t on blue meth or anything like that.

I named him Spud.

Call me greedy, but it soon became apparent that one pet potato was not enough. I felt the urge to have more so Spud and I went and selected an additional dozen at the market. I drew a different face on each so I could tell them apart since they didn’t yet have eyes. A week later, these new potatoes were thinking as well, thanks in part to Spud’s influence.

To find out what happens to Spud and his buddies, you’ll need to go to: “Life Seemed Good, But…” on Smashwords or on Amazon!

Here’s how to contact and follow Richard:

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