Sneak Peek: the Art Journal Workbook for On Becoming a Lemonade Maker!

Screenshot of Love - Art Journal WorkshopIt’s coming soon!

I’ve been working very hard this year to create the Art Journal Workbook, a companion for the book On Becoming a Lemonade Maker!

 A new style of journal for introspection,
healing, and fun!
LOVE… The Effects in Our Lives,

For Better or Worse and
Learning to Love Ourselves

By coloring, doodling, drawing
while you think and write, you open up all the areas of your brain, allowing important connections to be made!

So color outside of the lines!

Allow yourself to be free!

You set the path, so if you want to skip around the pages, then do so! Work on what you initially feel comfortable with and then proceed to the more difficult areas. It’s okay
to come back again and again to different areas, gradually building up your inner
understanding of yourself!

This is the Guide to Surviving Life!
Let me explain…

Love… the effects in our lives, for better or worse…it’s a very difficult topic to develop an art journal workbook! Why? Well the meanings of love, with all the positive and the negative permutations, means such different things from person to person. This workbook helps reveal the realities in relationships to discover the inner truths we may hide from and to see what our next steps need to be, without anyone telling you what is best for you!

So, how can this subject be handled without taking a clinical approach or taking a preaching stance? How to connect with people on a personal level and be able to get under the surface to the deeper issues?

Well, by incorporating art and visual symbolism, the barriers lower in the brain to allow us to make the necessary connections for growth and healing.

By including the chapter about Love from the book with careful visual triggers, the inner work normally requiring sometimes years of introspective search can be compiled and developed here in this journal. It may not happen all at once but more gradually…

Sprinkled throughout these pages
are places to write,
doodle and draw, the symbolism is intentional, so if you feel pulled in or affected, please follow that thread…
it will lead you to where you need to be!

You just may surprise yourself!

Our lives are a journey, where learning,
growth and healing take place at various intervals, interspaced with the actual living of our lives. – Tamara Kulish

2Screenshot of Love - Art Journal Workshop

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