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This is where I’ll have Free books,
Product Sales and the Promo codes to get them!

Current Deals:

Happy Summer Reading FREE DAYS!! 

July 31 & Aug 1!! Enjoy this little gift from me!! 

Looking forward to seeing your comments on Amazon! Get the Kindle app for your phone and read On Becoming a Lemonade Maker wherever you are! via @amazon

I’ve got a special special for you too! If you want to save 30% on your purchases you’ll need to pick up the books directly from the publisher’s site! Of course, you’ll be so happy about your super-duper savings that you’ll jump back here to leave your comments on Amazon, so other people can be inspired! Just click here to get going!
Pssst… put in Discount code ESW7VPEC

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Now There’s an Easy Way to Write A Review!
Don’t get freaked out! Write a comment!

Other readers need to read your opinion!

Here are the easy buttons!
Yes! Click on the one you need!

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Do you need 50, 100, 1000 or more books
to give out to clients/prospective clients?

Would you like to receive a DISCOUNT?

I can create a special DISCOUNT CODE just for you!
Just fill in the form below, and let me know
Who you are
Your organization/Company
How many books you need
Your contact info
and I’ll be happy to work with you!

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I would like to thank everyone who participated in all the special promotions below!

(These offers are now finished…
but check back for new promotions!)

Limited 54% OFF Coupon code: VTUTVC to celebrate my 54th birthday!
Good until February 3, 2016!

Hey, hey, hey!!! Ho-ho-ho! 30% OFF all of my artwork and photos! In time for Xmas and to redecorate for the New Year! This sale won’t last long, so share, share, share! This offer is for an UNLIMITED amount of items… but it’s a time limited offer!

Discount code: EHURFR

30% OFF all items purchased on
Tamara’s Fine Art America site!

You’ll be able to purchase an UNLIMITED
amount of items
for this time limited offer!
Deal runs from 12/17/2015 to 1/17/2016

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Let’s hear it for Free Week!


From Nov 24th to the 28th 2015 inclusively, the Kindle format of
“On Becoming a Lemonade Maker” will be FREE!
Here’s the link to get your copy!

 Just in time for American Thanksgiving Week!

The new and improved 2nd Edition
(eBook and paperback) has been released!

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Get my JUICY book now! Amazon

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