Who I am and Why I’m here!

Tam on top of the mountainAt the end of 2015 I made a promise to myself to take more workshops to improve my skills… when I heard about Blogging 101 given by WordPress I jumped in. Here’s my first assignment: to introduce myself and say why I’m here!

I’m an artist and a photographer who became an author, then a blogger. Now that I’ve become a writer I must say “I love it!” I really love writing!

I started blogging in 2013 right after self-publishing my book “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker”. I took me years to write the book, as anyone who has lived through what they write knows… so after I had published it I guess I kind of hoped that it would just get discovered and I could move into the wonderful world of being a well-known author!

Hahaha! Right?! Yes, now I see how naive I was! Well, I found out I needed to “start blogging” to “build my author platform”! I had no idea what that entailed, so I joined a few author groups on LinkedIn to learn the ropes from people who were a few steps ahead of me.

I learned many things, and from the articles I was reading plus the tone they were written in, I heard that an author of a “self-help/personal development” book needs to write about what they’ve learned, what they live etc.

I’ve written over 100 blog posts, deleted some, and added more. My quest to build a readership and rapport with my readers has met with mixed results. While I’m starting to receive some nice feedback from readers on LinkedIn where I post duplicates of most articles, I find that I’m not making waves on WordPress.

I want and need to hear feedback from people:
I need to learn what I’m hitting and what I’m missing.

I’m here to learn from the lessons given in the course and from any feedback people can give to me!

I want to share another beginning of the year workshop I’m participating in: The Infinite Possibilities Project, which I’ve written a post about here: Here’s a little bit about it:

I’ve just started a wonderful exercise in goal setting, along with many other people participating in the Infinite Possibilities Project on TUT.com!

I’ve been a long-time subscriber to their “Notes From the Universe, which I receive in my Inbox each weekday, and trust me, there’s been many a day that this encouragement came just when I needed it!

Thank you Mike! I just love your positivity and how much of an impact you’ve had on so many people!

When I got the email for this new group project… which isn’t done as a group but by each of us, by ourselves… I knew I wanted to participate in something that so many like-minded people will all be working on!

Yes, I already wrote my goals for 2016, did my infographic (a suggestion I followed, written by a business blogger) and shared my end of year articles and a New Year article. Check, check, and check.

At the end of the 2015, I promised myself to open up to the magic the Universe has to offer me, and to do this, well, I’d need to open myself to more opportunities! Opportunities to learn, opportunities to grow, opportunities to expand myself in brand new ways! To be truly open also means not pre-emptively scratching something off a list because we may have done some of it before!

One of the things I have struggled a little to figure out, why don’t I blog more about my feelings? I’m hoping to get some feedback on this little excerpt from my end of year article:

Why didn’t I Blog about my feelings during this time? Was I ashamed of what I was feeling?

There were times I started to write articles about what I was going through, where I started to pour out my feelings… whether I was panicking, or feeling somewhat depressed or down.

The thing I found about writing about these feelings in an arena where I knew other people would be reading: I started to feel inadequate and unsure if people would be judging me!

During the years I had gone through all the lessons which are in “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker”, I had found ways to deal with a downward depression spiral… and writing about them publicly while I was going through them didn’t seem to work for me… you see, I had already been shunned by people in two Evangelical churches, had been told that my chronic Shingles (on and off for 10 years) was God punishing me for undisclosed sins and I had been blamed for my daughter’s IBS by the psychiatrist at the French children’s hospital in Montreal! I definitely knew what judgement felt like and what the effects were on me emotionally and spiritually!

So here’s where I’d appreciate some feedback:

  • When people read a blog related to personal development, do they want to read the author’s anguish?
  • Do they want to read how the author was able to move forward?
  • What are the types of articles do WordPress readers prefer?

I am looking forward to learning how I can improve and they things I need to change!

I write from my heart, and since my life has been filled with people who didn’t want to hear complaining, but instead would listen to me if I was trying to figure out a solution or how to implement it, I guess I’ve been trained to write in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s just me complaining!

Does this resonate with you or not? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Thank you!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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5 thoughts on “Who I am and Why I’m here!

  1. Your site looks very interesting, it’s nice to see one that has more articles and gives me an idea what mine will look like. Never thought of adding links for all the social sites, maybe that will be part of learning in Blogging 101.
    Happy New year to you all the best for 2016.


    • Thank you Kiwinana! My site has had a very VERY long evolution! Lol! It started out as just a blog with one other page… The About Me page… Slowly over time, as I played with it, I discovered different features. I read how-to articles, and while I was overwhelmed at all the info I read, I tried to implement just one new thing. Slowly over time the look changed as I added more pages, learned about branding etc. I wish I could point to one definitive source but it’s truly been a bit here and a bit there! I’m hoping to learn some more tricks to apply from this workshop series too! Peace! Best of luck to you!


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