Reposted: Martin Luther King, Jr.

I love, love hearing this perspective! This calls people’s underlying beliefs into question… simply appearing to comply in order to maintain an outward image to others can be morally reprehensible when there are grave injustices allowed to continue, all in the name of not rocking the boat!

I find this topic to be so important that I’m sharing this piece on my blog!

Martin Luther King Day isn’t just a day for black people (sorry if this term offends any Americans, I’m Canadian, so “African American” isn’t an apt term). MLK spoke to everyone. He was calling for change. A change of heart, a change of beliefs, a change in behavior and in how we treat each other!

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I was inspired today to reread a letter written to the clergy by Martin Lither King, Jr. I know that most people would have read his, “I have a dream speech”, and that is precisely what I did for 12 years while I was a literature teacher. I wanted to inspire my high school kids to dream and dream big. But today I am no longer a teacher so I decided to read something else written by Dr. King.  This letter causes a pause and an evaluation of my own actions or lack thereof. He talks of a negative peace, a peace that exists with the outward appearance of compliance.

This letter was written to ministers, priests and rabbis of the south during the civil rights movements in the early sixties. He is trying to call them to action as they, “remain silent behind the anesthetizing security of stained glass…

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