Reposted: What can the Dali Lama teach me as a Christian?

Bravo! You have very brave viewpoints as a Christian! I’m sharing on my Blog!

Too many Christian churches preach intolerance, racism, judgmental attitudes and even hate. Within the ranks of Christian churches, I had personally experienced a huge competitive hierarchy… certain people were considered “better” Christians than others. There was a definite pecking order. Non-Christians were on the lowest rung, and if a church member respected a Non-Christian or their viewpoint, then their own ranking within the church lowered as a result.

This is a phenomenon I experienced personally, as well as observed with many, many other people.

Those of us who were fragile emotionally, raw or damaged, were particularly susceptible, since we desperately needed validation. By being perceived within a group as being a good Christian, or a very good Christian, certainly helped many of us feel the acceptance we craved.

In order to grow in the way the Dalai Lama speaks of, it’s important for each of us to adopt a wider world view and may I say, heal emotionally so we can grow into our higher selves and live from that mindset.

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I read the Dali Lama’s book Beyond Belief and that is the extent of my exhaustive research so I may be a little off base. If I am, please feel free to correct me on his teachings because I would be interested in what you know of his teachings. What struck me and still nags at me two years after reading his book is that he believes the world is getting better, he believes that people can step up to the higher call of compassion, and he believes that all people can learn to be moral and loving toward each other thru education. I thought that I believed the same things but as I have started evaluating my own belief system I realized that I was taught differently.

I visualize the Christian’s negative worldview as three fold. These three beliefs fold in on themselves making it difficult to believe the…

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