Inspiration (or Pondering) for February 21, 2016

Go for a walk in nature… Pick up some trash! I’m sure this person may have meant well, removing the glass from the path, but we all can do better… Can’t we?

(A little sideline here in my mind… ) (Is my mind connecting two separate thoughts, or are they subconsciously related?) I’m getting a little discouraged that Trump is still in the race, I was hoping that he was going to turn out to be one of the politicians who are paid off to drop out… I’m flabbergasted that he has so many supporters who seem to love his messages of hate, bigotry, misogyny etc. Is this what America is really about?

I can’t seem to wrap my head around it… So what can I do? I’m a Canadian living in the USA, so voting isn’t a possibility for me!

What can I do? Focus on what I am able to do, what I’m able to control in my life! So much better than becoming fearful of the future!

So what’s a much more uplifting and inspiring thing? Here’s a few images from my collection to help you redirect! Let me know your thoughts!

There Seems To Be No Plan Because It Is All Plan

Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

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