What Tools Did I Use To Create the Workbook for Healing Your Life on a Deep Heart Level?

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7 thoughts on “What Tools Did I Use To Create the Workbook for Healing Your Life on a Deep Heart Level?

    • Thank you Isobel! I’m a blue ocean thinker, in that I feel there’s an abundance out there for everyone! I share to help others, as I have benefited from other people sharing their info!

      I wish you all the best in creating your great Canadian novel! Keep going!



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    • Thank you Floreva! I was so relieved to discover that option since I simply couldn’t afford buying both outright! It’s really neat, because when there’s new updates, my computer of course gives me a message… Once I download the new update and I open Photoshop, if lets me know I can watch some videos to learn all the new goodies!

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      • THat’s really a good option, and seldom heard of, , I m glad you shared this, many will probably be i the same situation and want the flexibility of renting compared to the burden of purchasing pricey softs which need reg updates … a clever move in every aspects!

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      • I think it’s still very new for software companies to offer “cloud” software, so the public either hasn’t heard of it or they’re very leery.

        I fell into the latter case, having heard of it, but wanted to stay with the old tried and true. The last company I had worked for had rented the entire Adobe Suite, and when my employment ended I went to their website to try and figure out how to get the software for myself, which is when I discovered I could get just Photoshop for $9.99 a month. That alone set me free!

        Then I poked around the Microsoft website and discovered the same option just for Word!

        Ah! Talk about setting my mind free with these simple choices! ( I should add this little tidbit to the article!! LOL)


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