An Inspirational Quote for Today!

Since I feel a little strange today, I thought this quote would fit right in!

Feeling offbeat yourself? This is a good quote to remember!!

Need your own copy for your wall? A cell phone case? Feeling particularly zany? How about a Duvet cover? I know, frightful right? Hehehe!

How about a greeting card to send to a friend who needs a pick me up! You can even personalize the text inside!! (Oh my goodness, these cads can be bulk ordered too! Imagine the head scratching if you sent everyone one of these??!!

Hahaha! I told you I was in a weird mood!

Normal Is An IllusionWhat Is Normal For The Spider Is Chaos For

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” – Morticia Adams. What is normal, can change and become the “New Normal”. This quote is taken from the book “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker”.

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