“You are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza

This is truly fascinating! Love it! I know so little about this… I think I need to learn more!

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Vincent Wambua

Can we make ourselves the Placebo and create the change that we want? That the central tenet of this life strategy raw gem. Basically, when people think that a pill or an injection or a surgery is going to be beneficial to them, they experience the benefits they thought they’re going to get. In this regard,a placebo is always as effective as the actual pill. If then, a placebo can induce a healing effect without actually taking the actual drug, injection or so, can we make ourselves the placebo? I adore raw undistilled knowledge. I adore books which whisper chunks of life strategies without taking turns. This week I’m sharing key concepts that you may need to refer to for the rest of your life. Plain awesomeness, no sugar coating, no hide-and-seek games, no additives or flavor, just pure truth–and truth indeed that you are the Placebo. 



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