Why a “Bad Luck” Mentality Is the Key to Mediocrity

Our mindsets are so crucial to how we live our lives and then by extrapolation how successful we become!

A few years ago when I talked about writing, I had a few people raise their eyebrows at me… Surprised that I’d want to do something so audacious… they were doubtful of my success in even completing a book… Oh, and don’t even mention their doubt that an artist can make a transition to become a writer and hope to be any good at it!

After all , wasn’t it blind dumb luck that I was any good at making art in the first place? How could a person hope to be good at TWO different types of creative jobs?

Well, you know the expression “10% inspiration, 90% perspiration”? Yup that applies to every role we choose in life!

Most of us already HAVE that 10%… And we know it!

The thing is, we allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking that we can’t possibly succeed because we weren’t graced with more than 10% natural skills and abilities!

We forget that the other 90% needs to come from US!
From our own blood, sweat and tears!

Trust me, I’ve been putting blood, sweat and tears into that 90% bucket that I’ve been accomplishing my dreams! Slowly, but I’m steadily working to get there! (Don’t believe me? Go check out my body of writing work!

Next month I’m planning on releasing at least one more title.. Well it was on track for this month but computer issues (my puppy chewed through my power cord and a new one had to be ordered) has slowed down the completion of a few books!

Hehehe! Now I’m even combining my art and writing into adult coloring books! Even if it’s purely a coloring book, the skills I learned while writing and publishing real books have helped me with being able to get these new gems out to you!

So don’t despair, we’re never too old to learn new skills to move our lives forward!

Start with something, but start! (…if life’s issues have really gotten to you and you mind is gridlocked, my book On Becoming a Lemonade Maker can help you do the work of unblocking and moving forward! I won’t chastise you or make you feel badly… I’ll guid, support and encourage you!)

You can do this! Let me know how it’s going?


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Dream Big, Dream Often

The fourteenth item on the list of wealthy people’s habits is wealthy people believe good life habits produce good “luck” and bad life habits produce bad “luck.”

Wealthy people do not become successful because of luck and unsuccessful people are not unsuccessful because of bad luck. Your life is what you make it and the better your life habits the better your chance for success.

I know a lot of people that are struggling in life financially at 40 because they did not apply themselves in high school.  Poor grades and study habits set the course of action for their life and they have been riding the wave of mediocrity ever since.  They learned poor life habits early, never corrected their actions and continue those poor habits today.  Some of them will use a variety of excuses like life has been hard or they just keep getting bad breaks or my…

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