C – Compass… Or more specifically, a Moral Compass! #AtoZChallenge

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When We Meet Real Tragedy In Life, We Can React In Two Ways

A Moral Compass is more than doing the right thing because we’re afraid of getting caught if we break a rule or a law…
It’s something that happens on a much deeper, soul level.

When we feel compelled to do the right thing, it’s because we feel it’s what needs to be done, even when people aren’t watching us to make sure if we do or don’t do something!

Having a moral compass is more than just following the laws of the land or doing something because our religion or religious leader tells us we need to do it… It’s something that we feel deep inside of us.

A Moral Compass is a sign of spiritual and emotional maturity… We know what is the rightful thing to do and we do it, whether someone is watching or whether we have received acknowledgement or approval.

Recently I felt inspired to speak on this subject when I was watching the politicians acting out against each other and against fellow citizens. I also felt inspired to speak on this when watching some religious leaders have their sordid sex lives and affairs paraded in public.

Is it difficult to have a moral compass? Yup! You bet! Holding ourselves to a higher level of accountability when, frankly, it’s so much easier or pleasurable not to put ourselves out is tough to do! It’s really hard to resist certain things! It’s really hard to kick ourselves in the butt to do something we’d rather not do!

It’s REALLY difficult! It’s especially difficult when things may be going badly in our lives, when we want to “take” more than we feel like giving!

Having a moral compass and keeping a moral compass can be very difficult to accomplish, but not impossible!

It all comes down to the infinite small choices we make throughout the day!

Bravo for keeping yours even when the veil of protection was removed and you began to see the world in all it’s permutations!

Please keep your voice of hope! There’s much good in this world, but we hear mostly about the bad because it’s sensational! Good news is boring to report! It doesn’t get ratings or a flicker of interest from many people… But that doesn’t mean it’s not there!! It is!

I believe if we share the positive we can help people who have a moral compass find the encouragement to keep going… While those who have fallen down and are struggling to get up will find the strength and support to change themselves and their lives!

Nothing is set in stone! Goodness can be lost… And goodness can be found!

Peace and thanks,

“Always believe something good will happen” – Unknown

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10 thoughts on “C – Compass… Or more specifically, a Moral Compass! #AtoZChallenge

    • I agree Kimberly! I wish more people would live by the Golden Rule too! Sigh!

      The one political candidate who is stirring people up in exceedingly negative ways, would not have gained any traction if people hadn’t forgotten this basic element of life!


  1. Very good post. Wish there were more “good” news reported so we do know, for a fact, people of this world have not lost the sense of right and wrong. I think ordinary people do heroic things every day, but the press doesn’t find it to be valuable information because it’s not juicy news.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t agree more! As a journalist, I too know that a bad story sells well more than good and it is only bad that we keep hearing because of that. I can relate to this post because I too have a moral compass. I did not copy in my college days even though 100% of my classmates except me did it. I was criticised for it but I never copied and had some sense of pride about it. Felt good reading about this subject. Visitor from A-Z here. Do drop into http://www.malavikka.blogspot.com


    • Malavikka, it’s a pleasure to meet a journalist with a moral compass intact! Taking the high road is hard, and when there are corporate pressures to bend to their desires it can be difficult to resist! Kudos!



    • Practice, practice, practice! …and when we’re done? Practice some more!

      It’s a pleasure to meet another person who practices using their moral compass!



    • Hahaha! You’re welcome!

      Well, there appears to be quite a number of people who have either disengaged or just thrown away their compass! You’d think that it would be a difficult thing to do, but seeing how many people have apparently done this, I’d say it’s a fairly easy task to accomplish!

      Liked by 1 person

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