D – Divide and Conquer… The Start of Racism #AtoZChallenge

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This upcoming Presidential election in the USA, and Trump’s racial and xenophobic outbursts which has brought out in the spotlight the deep rooted fear and hatred of non-whites has been an exercise in shame for many people.

To those of us American and non-American alike who don’t subscribe to those values, we’ve been scratching our heads… How could this level of hatred exist in 2016, a time when many of us feel we should be far more enlightened and loving than what is now coming out of this campaign?

We question, how could so many people believe and follow such madness?

Until yesterday, when I read a very well written article about how the rich white plantation owners systematically set out to create the racial divide between their black slaves and white indentured servants, with the fear and hate they’ve instilled, I couldn’t understand either, much less what Trump would get out of such a situation and why he fans the flames.

Here’s the link to that article which specifically shows how this fear and hatred was started and radically enforced: http://www.stirjournal.com/2016/04/01/i-know-why-poor-whites-chant-trump-trump-trump/

Why? What’s the advantage of doing this?

The rich white slave owners saw they were outnumbered by their impoverished white indentured servants and their growing numbers of slaves. They realized that if the two groups got together and planned, that they could overthrow their tyrannical and cruel masters.

So they hatched a plot to circumvent this and try to keep their own status quo intact.

They planted extreme fear into the minds and hearts of the poor whites,
to control them…
For nothing controls mobs of people better than a bigger fear…

Trump is a rich white man, who’s own history of treating people harshly, of stepping on his workers aligns with the thought patterns of those rich white plantation owners years ago.

It serves his purpose, and the purpose of other rich racist whites to keep people at each others throats… This time as an enormous smoke screen, so they can hide their own terrible acts and to keep anyone from looking too closely at what they’re doing.

So, moving forward, how can we change this story? What can we do?

Well, I think when people can see that they’ve been purposefully manipulated and duped by a small group of rich white men who only had their own interests at heart, there may be a chance to remove this veil from our collective eyes.

We need to come together as people, helping one another, celebrating who each of us is and loving what makes us special and different.

While this may seem far too unrealistic of an idea, simply getting to know one another as people, neighbors and members of the same communities will help us to come together and remove this artificially and intentionally set division!

It’s time we woke up to how we, as a people have been toyed with and manipulated to serve a purpose!

It’s time to become reunited, to become one caring people!

There’s more than enough abundance in this world for each and every one of us!

Wishing you all peace!


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6 thoughts on “D – Divide and Conquer… The Start of Racism #AtoZChallenge

  1. Trump’s xenophobia doesn’t bear thinking about. We had this kind of smoke screen created by a divide and rule policy by the British towards the end of their time here in India. It’s very sad indeed and the driving force behind it is fear as you so rightly pointed out. There’s enough for everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s so much abundance in this world… More than enough for everyone to live peacefully! When greed changes people and people allow themselves to be changed by greed, well we see the results!

      Can we change them? Can we change their minds? Can we change their greed into generosity?

      Hmmm, that’s a difficult question to answer since none of us has the power to change someone else… We can only change ourselves…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Racism is not the prerogative of rich, white people – I’ve seen it practiced among the poorest of the poor too…. As humans we all fear and therefore look down on the unfamiliar. I’m not endorsing this behaviour but just pointing out that Trump is not alone – we all practice some form of discrimination inour lives , don’t you think?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, unfortunately racism isn’t a rich, white privilege! It happens all too often, at every level. Sigh. Wish it weren’t so!


    • This ruse benefits the ruling class and the rest of the population is torn apart and divided. If we were united then perhaps the ruling class with their tyranny would have been overthrown!!

      Unfortunately it’s something that has been used over and over to the detriment of the world! Just look at how people all over the world are at each other’s throats!!


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