F – Focus on our THOUGHTS and bridge the GAP between Religion and Non-Religion. #AtoZChallenge

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Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

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“Focus your thoughts!” “Thoughts become things!” “Imagine what you wish for your future and then focus on it each day!” “One positive thought is ten times more powerful than negative ones!”

These are all popular teachings we’ve been hearing a lot of since the movie “The Secret” splashed its way into our collective consciousnesses… Yet, from what I’m seeing, so many people have tried it and given it up, saying it didn’t work for them!

It’s all too easy then to give it up! It can feel very hard to keep our thoughts focused on the positive. When we have negative thoughts, we fear that we just don’t have the power to be positive, that our lives suck and will suck forever!

This all sounds like new-age mumbo-jumbo. How do we connect these new-agey thoughts with things we’ve heard in more traditional areas?

The word Faith = Believing in something not only as if it WILL come about, but also as though it has already happened… At least in Spirit, and that it’s manifesting behind the scenes!

This is something we can feel gratitude for!

It’s my understanding that there’s more to manifesting wonderful futures for ourselves than simply visualizing them!

We need to FEEL that it WILL happen and feel GRATITUDE that God/Spirit is working behind the scenes to make it happen!

When we use those same new-age thoughts and put the word Faith to them, doesn’t that make so much sense now? Doesn’t that sound familiar?

I’ve also heard that God/Spirit needs us to ASK for what we want so that he/it can work with the Angels to make it happen… Now what’s the word for that? Oh yeah, prayer!

I’m not a religious church goer myself, but I’ve still struggled to make sense of these new teachings and thoughts. They seemed to separate from why I had learned from al those years I was a devout church goer.

How to bridge the two worlds? Was there a bridge? Was it possible to make the connection?

Yes… Through words! Words have incredible power to help us understand!

So whichever side you sit on, the religious side or the non-religious life, it’s possible to choose our thoughts, feel gratitude, and move our lives forward in wonderful ways!

I hope this little thought bridge helps you feel comfortable with all these lessons!



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If I keep a green bough in my heart the singing bird will come -

The best thing abour future is that it comes only one day at a t

Dont be afraid to go out on a limb 72 dpi

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#the secret, #positivity


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