G – Gym memberships… No time? No money? No problem!

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No money for a gym membership? Can’t get to the gym in time before it closes? Can’t afford a babysitter to look after the kids while you go look after yourself?

Walking may be the best answer!

There are many parks where walking paths post the mileage so you can set challenges for yourself… Some even have stationary equipment where you can do sit-ups, modified push-ups etc.

Not having money myself for long stretches of time forced me to take walks…and now I’m grateful for that, because it gives me something no gym can: FRESH AIR!

Another bonus? My grand-kids now want to come with me on walks, giving us special time together!

This is the exercise I’ve turned to after having had a heart “incident” recently, which helps me rehabilitate my body!

Even after having been accustomed to walking, after this incident I felt I was starting all over from scratch! So, rather than pushing myself, I’ve been doing it super slowly and taking in deep breaths of lovely fresh air!

I’m now feeling stronger after having had a few slow sessions that I’m slowly increasing my speed and adding some easy and slow calisthenics!

I feel my old strength slowly returning! Yay!

How do you squeeze in time for walking when your schedule is packed and overloaded?

Here a few sneaky ways I’ve discovered and implemented in my own life:

  • Park further away from the door! Even a few extra steps from walking from the far side of the parking lot will add up!
  • Do a few extra laps around the aisles in the grocery store!
  • Go to big box stores when it’s raining or too cold to walk outside and do laps around the store! Lots of people do this!
  • Bring the kids to school earlier and sneak in a bit of walking before work!
  • If the bus isn’t coming for a while and you know you can walk to the next stop or two before it arrives, do it! Sometimes I’ve made it almost halfway on my trip before it came!
  • When the kids are in the playground, do laps around the play area… You can keep an eye on them and sneak in a little exercise!
  • Let the kids stay in the after school program a half hour extra and grab a little walking time for yourself!

I’m sure you’ll come up with a few sneaky tricks of your own once you read mine!

Please come back and share them here so many more people can benefit from your genius!

Peace and thanks,


“Always believe something good will happen” – Unknown

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17 thoughts on “G – Gym memberships… No time? No money? No problem!

  1. It’s heartening to know that grannies can still find time for themselves…..I’m trying to work on that one but I agree that walking is the best workout ever and we should try to increase the steps we take in our lives to count 10,000 steps each day

    Liked by 1 person

    • BellyBytes, I’m encouraged that you’re trying to find time for yourself! I understand the dilemma! My daughter works and hour and a half away so she leaves a t dawn and comes home after 8 pm, which leaves the childcare and household duties up to me!

      On days where the youngest isn’t in preschool (half day) I don’t always get my walk in. After all a four year old can’t keep up! If the weather cooperates then I take her to the playground and walk small laps around the area where she’s playing… If it’s raining we might go to the store, and even off all I need is milk I’ll walk up and down all the aisles to get my walking in, while she sits in the shopping cart!

      A challenge is when I have all three on a rainy day and we go to the grocery store!

      I prefer getting in a solitary walk since it’s a good time to recharge my batteries but that’s not always possible!

      Wishing you the best with your walking routine!!



    • Sorry for the delayed thank you for reblogging! I must have accidentally deleted the email letting me know, and I rarely go to the master list of comments! I guess I should do that more often!



  2. Great idea for walking more. I love walking and alternate with months at the gym when Delhi gets too hot to walk outside unless you’re doing it early morning – which is when I have to get to work since I’m also a teacher. Good luck with the A to Z challenge and I hope your health issues get better soon.


    • I heard that Delhi gets stiffling in the heat, so a gym is a smart idea to avoid heat exhaustion! Thank you so much for your good thoughts! Wishing you all the best too with the AtoZ Challenge!



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