Gym memberships… No time? No money? No problem!

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17 thoughts on “Gym memberships… No time? No money? No problem!

  1. It’s heartening to know that grannies can still find time for themselves…..I’m trying to work on that one but I agree that walking is the best workout ever and we should try to increase the steps we take in our lives to count 10,000 steps each day

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    • BellyBytes, I’m encouraged that you’re trying to find time for yourself! I understand the dilemma! My daughter works and hour and a half away so she leaves a t dawn and comes home after 8 pm, which leaves the childcare and household duties up to me!

      On days where the youngest isn’t in preschool (half day) I don’t always get my walk in. After all a four year old can’t keep up! If the weather cooperates then I take her to the playground and walk small laps around the area where she’s playing… If it’s raining we might go to the store, and even off all I need is milk I’ll walk up and down all the aisles to get my walking in, while she sits in the shopping cart!

      A challenge is when I have all three on a rainy day and we go to the grocery store!

      I prefer getting in a solitary walk since it’s a good time to recharge my batteries but that’s not always possible!

      Wishing you the best with your walking routine!!



    • Sorry for the delayed thank you for reblogging! I must have accidentally deleted the email letting me know, and I rarely go to the master list of comments! I guess I should do that more often!



  2. Great idea for walking more. I love walking and alternate with months at the gym when Delhi gets too hot to walk outside unless you’re doing it early morning – which is when I have to get to work since I’m also a teacher. Good luck with the A to Z challenge and I hope your health issues get better soon.


    • I heard that Delhi gets stiffling in the heat, so a gym is a smart idea to avoid heat exhaustion! Thank you so much for your good thoughts! Wishing you all the best too with the AtoZ Challenge!



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