L – Laughter, It’s About a Sense of Humor! #AtoZChallenge

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A sense of humor… When we’re children we find joy in silliness and playfulness, but many people are encouraged to leave all this behind as they grow older.

Why? Well, I suppose it’s seen as “beneath” an “intelligent mind” to entertain thoughts which aren’t logical! We assign terms like: “that’s so COMMON!” So we are encouraged to develop more “mature” senses of humor, and the childlike joy and the ability to laugh out loud when we see something silly or playful can get relegated to “childishness and nonsense”!

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The Art of Being Happy Lies In The Power Of Extracting Happiness

Saying Someone Can’t Be Sad Because Someone May Have It Worse

No One Is In Charge Of Your Happiness Except You

Dont be afraid to go out on a limb 72 dpi

A caged spirit will forget how to fly- maroon 72 dpi

I’ve given myself permission to step out of my intellectual family’s sense of propriety and allow myself to FEEL! Feel joy, feel happy for no reason, to smile, to laugh… Even to laugh out loud in public when I see silliness, instead of holding it inside and having a “mature” smile on my face!

As part of your healing, if I have any right or ability to give you a challenge (!!) I will gently lob out to you the idea of mentally taking your emotional remote control back from your family and giving yourself permission to laugh at any and all silliness which makes you smile!

As we age we rediscover the ability to laugh and enjoy life! Some have callously called this entering a second childhood and have disparaged it so severely that many have been fearful of stepping a toe into it, for fear of losing their credibility!

I say have no fear! Enjoy! This is YOUR life! YOU get to make the rules!

So if you’ve been trained to hold back your laughter, release it!

Live your life with laughter, enjoyment and joy! See the positive (yes, that’s another area we’ve been trained out of!) in life, feel it… Feel all the positive emotions! It won’t make you into a ninny or mindless person as our intellectual families have feared!

Remember, as an adult with a moral compass, you won’t lose those! It’s not an either/or choice! It’s a plus/heap it on, choice!

So, go ahead, lose the literal, intellectual filter and FEEL the joy, happiness and yes, silliness of life!

It’s fun!

Peace and thanks,

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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6 thoughts on “L – Laughter, It’s About a Sense of Humor! #AtoZChallenge

  1. Yes, laughter, enjoyment, joy. I like that. We do need to stop taking ourselves so seriously every moment of the day, let down our hair, and relax into the comfort of life. You are so right that we are trained to stop acting silly “act your age”. Luv the expression: I’ve never been this old before so I don’t know how to act my age.

    Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
    Theme: The Fun in Writing #218

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m kind of not surprised that you have this awesome approach! From what I’m seeing of your posts, you’ve got this! So happy to hear it though!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Right?! I totally agree with you!!

      This post was recently inspired by an older woman who had confessed to me that unfortunately she stifled the laughter and enjoyment with some things, because the pressure she felt from her family to do so!

      Never mind that she had been out of touch with them for years! The internal messages were planted and received!!

      As the odd sheep in my family I’ve had to give myself permission to be myself on so many levels… I understood what that woman was feeling!

      As we get older, I think we find more courage to step out of constraints set by people who may wish us to behave a certain way, but which don’t fit with who we are!!

      Thank you for stopping by!



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