“Kick’um” Juice! For Cancer (?), Joint Pain and the Immune System!

I came across this recipe after listening to Enoch speak in the 9th Episode from The Truth About Cancer Series, where he spoke about healing his skin cancer! Here’s the link to Enoch’s recipe!

I Googled “Kickum Juice” and found his video!

The PRIMARY INGREDIENTS are GINGER and HOT PEPPERS! He uses a few different types of hot peppers, and also adds ground Black Pepper to increase the efficiency of the other ingredients!

As many of you may know, these ingredients have been written up about in many articles, their uses are great for improving the Immune System, decreasing Joint Pain and even in shutting down certain CANCERS!

I’ve written previously about trying Frankincense water to deal with my own Joint Pain, and I’m having success with using the Frankincense Boswellia Sacre, but after I bought my first 2oz package on Amazon, it wasn’t in stock any longer!

My own Joint Pain and as yet undiagnosed skin spots on my back (I don’t have health insurance, nor am I interested in conventional skin cancer treatments) propel me to find natural and easily available foods and herbs which can help me.

This will be something I’ll be trying!

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2 thoughts on ““Kick’um” Juice! For Cancer (?), Joint Pain and the Immune System!

    • No I haven’t… Well, I do have organic raw apple cider vinegar but I haven’t been successful in being able to take it regularly without setting off the gag reflex! The others I haven’t tried!! I’ll have to look into those!! Thanks for the tips!

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