S – Sleep your way to success … A different take! #AtoZ Challenge

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When you hear “sleep your way to success”, it would be normal to think of the disparaging remarks that have been made about many women who purportedly exchanged sexual favors for promotions… Yet, this article isn’t about that!
It’s literally about SLEEP!
I suffered with chronic shingles for ten years, a number of years ago, and one of the culprits of the recurring episodes? Not getting enough sleep and rest.
I was trying to do it all and ended up not being able to do anything for long stretches of time! This was a mostly misunderstood illness, which led to overachieving church friends and family telling me I just needed to pull myself together, pull up my bootstraps and get on with my life.
Until I gave myself permission to take care of myself by eating healthy foods, getting reasonable amounts of exercise and yes, getting enough sleep, I continued to live with the viscous cycles of relapse after relapse.
Let me tell you, the pain wasn’t the only difficulty I faced with it… Literally! The shingles were on my lower face, nasty oozing sores. People turned away from me, they couldn’t stand to look at me. As a single mom I still had to go out to work. It was a very tough time in my life.
I just read an article Richard Branson wrote about sleep, how his company is helping people to get quality sleep. He was inspired by his good friend Adrianna Huffington, who has written a book about sleep.
In our hustle and bustle, in our busy lives,the negative effects of sleep deprivation are becoming more and more apparent in many people’s lives.

Hope this helps you to look at your own sleep patterns to finally give yourself permission to take care of yourself!

Peace and thanks,



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#AtoZ Challenge


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