V – Vocational Training for Free! #AtoZ Challenge

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There was a posting recently on Facebook about how the Mayor of Detroit was starting a college tuition program for High School graduates, offering people a tuition free 2 two year community college education, paid for with city property taxes.

When I shared it on my page, there was some push-back and negativity.Here’s the conversation about this:

M: “Nothing is free….”
T: “Indeed – an investment like this will regularly pay back even more than it costs.”
M: “I highly doubt that. But, for sale of argument, it does. Who is going to pay for these ” Free Educations “? Me. Against my will. This is wrong.”
T: “I truly see both sides of the coin here, but if by getting two more years education they can greatly increase their earning potential and stimulate business in the area then the tax revenues over a lifetime of income will greatly exceed the cost of the education – never mind that you provide employment for teachers. In my case I received $13,000 to take an intense software developer course. 7 1/2 years after graduating I was making over 100k per year. Over a total maybe 40 year career it will turn out to be an awesome investment for the gov’t and therefore the people.”
M: “When it’s ” Free ” it will be abused wayyyyy more so than if you pay for it yourself, free lacks the personal vested interest. If they want an affordable education, not FREE, but affordable, join the military. An excellent way to earn an education, and plenty of other skills that will benefit a young person entering the workforce.”
Tamara: Yet entire European countries have free university education, because it has been shown to pay for itself in many, many ways down the road!  Here we’re limited to 4 years… Having to prove a program is successful before the next presidential elections or else…! Other places have much longer views and put things into place which benefit their people.
Imagine how much crime and the crime mentality would disappear if people felt they had a CHANCE to have equal opportunities! This is the American Dream? To many people it’s just that, a dream… A PIPE DREAM!
If people knew they could get training to have a meaningful job? Why be part of a gang when you ACTUALLY have a chance to make something of yourself, to become who you know you’re destined to be?

Take away people’s hope of achieving something for themselves and we have the crime levels we now see in major cities. If this (FREE education) has a positive effect in people’s lives and reduces crime there’ll be many, many more cities offering this!

Yes, it comes from tax payers money, BUT so does paying for people to be tried and incarcerated! That costs way, way more of tax payers money… I heard it can be anywhere form 10 to a hundred to thousand times more, depending on how many years ONE person is incarcerated for!
So down the road… This is far more cost effective and restores humanity to areas where hope is a figment of imaginations!”

Free education!

For many people in the USA these two words seem to invoke fear on a deep level… “That’s SOCIALISM! We’re not socialists!!

So, to avoid doing something good for our young people, the hardliners will hold fast to their beliefs, and in the process SPEND WAY MORE MONEY on the societal effects of people having little to no opportunities for their futures!

Words like SOCIALISM aside, when we look at the COST TO BENEFIT ratio, it’s easy to see that such programs just make so much sense! They’re logical!

With Detroit leading the way, let’s see how this plays out in the long run, and how many more cities will take up this challenge!

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2 thoughts on “V – Vocational Training for Free! #AtoZ Challenge

  1. Of course nothing is actually free aside from what nature provides and the like. I’m totally against free college since a good part of college education is mostly the perpetuation of academia. However vocational training is an investment. We need more people to learn the trades that keep things running and maintained. And those who have been trained and get jobs from their own training should be willing to reinvest in the system to train others.

    Some good points are made in this post.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


    • Thanks for stopping by Arlee! You’re right, nothing is really free… After all these classes are being paid for through the city’s property taxes!

      Investing in people’s futures is a good gamble! When people in turn become tax payers due to being able to get a decent job to support themselves instead of turning to crime, I think that these initiatives will pay off in the long run!

      Im looking forward to seeing the results down the road!



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