Z – Zero Dollars! #AtoZ Challenge

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I never set out to live without money. It just kind of happened.

I enjoyed having money even if it wasn’t a lot. At least I had spending money and could go out to a movie or grab a bite to eat. I could buy things for myself and my family.

Without money I felt my wings were clipped and I had lost all my independence. It was a hard blow to someone who was used to earning her money and paying her way.

How did I end up having zero income… for a YEAR?

About a year and a half ago I lost my job, so for a few months I had unemployment insurance. For a couple of years my daughter and I had been talking about moving away from the small town we live in and move everyone to a larger and more urban area about an hour and a half from us. With both of us losing our jobs within a short time of each other, we thought that would be the ideal time to make our move.

She found a job in the new town, and since she left the house at the crack of dawn and came home at 8 or 8:30 pm, the job of getting the kids off to school, dinners, homework, etc., fell onto my shoulders.

Our plan was for her to purchase a house there, and once we all got moved in I’d be able to find a job.

That was the plan… and as plans go, it was solid… but as it happens in life, we got thrown a curve ball, well we had a few roadblocks. One was so drastic that we shelved our plans to move away, and instead to focus on buying a house locally.

So, our initial time-frame of a few weeks ended up dragging out into a year! Can you imagine having your life in a holding pattern for that long, unable to do anything until the cogs of the Universe move forward?

How did this affect me?

Initially it really irked me! I was irritated and irritable! I felt trapped and resented it! I knew it wasn’t my daughter’s fault, but was just a series of difficult events which prevented us from moving forward.

Once my unemployment money and my savings ran out, my daughter had to give me money to pay my bills. I’ve always been the breadwinner… as a single mom, in my second marriage… it was supremely difficult to ask my daughter to step in and help me out. It felt humiliating… demeaning… but she has been absolutely wonderful about it. She said I’m a huge help with the kids, and if she had to leave the kids with a babysitter she’d have to pay much more.

It was a struggle to turn my thoughts from impatience to patience; irritability to peace and resentment into gratitude.

I had to mindfully practice changing my thoughts! I had to accept the situation and stop trying to push things to go faster. I needed to focus on all the good things in my life instead of magnifying the negative.

What have I taken away from this experience?

A new gratitude for having any money… My need to buy has been curtailed.

I thought I had a good understanding of wants and needs but when one gets put into a situation where they have no money and need to ask others, (in my case it was my daughter) one sees things very differently.

So my new perspective fits in with Adam Bulger’s message in his article: Money can buy you all kinds of happiness!

Invest in experiences which bring memories, opportunities to learn new things and meet new people! These are the things which will bring happiness!

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6 thoughts on “Z – Zero Dollars! #AtoZ Challenge

  1. I can relate as I have been in similar situations at various times in my life. Having a positive attitude and a good support system is a necessity for getting through tough times. It’s nice to have money.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


    • Right Arlee?! I definitely prefer to have money to pay my own bills!!

      I’ve been through tough times before, but never had to do it on zero income! The experience has taught me a lot about myself and my relationship with money!!



  2. Great blog and nice serie! for the past two and half years I live without money by choice. I had a lot, two house 6 figure salary etc and gave it all away and started living in the here and now, trusting on the universe. I denounce nothing just started from scratch at 38 and see what happens. Now I survive by helping people in exchange for just food and bed. If people give me money I accept but never ask for it. Just wanted to see what happens and never thought it would be a permanent life style. And I know it is not for everybody but I can definitely advise everyone to try it for a short while. It gives you true happiness, love and freedom.
    Have a nice weekend all!!!! 🙂


    • Thank you for stopping by Zorba! I admire your decision to live without an income!

      Since I’m living with my daughter who is the breadwinner and she’s paying my bills for me at this time, I’m eager to return to work! I don’t wish to continue needing her this way, I feel it puts too much on her shoulders… I used to help her out as much as I could financially!

      However having lived with so few needs this year has really helped me see my relationship with money in a whole new way!



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