Sharing my JUICY history!

It’s taken me a long time to reach a point of being able to share some pieces of me with everyone! I’ve added layer by layer to “My Juicy history” a page where I come clean about my past, pieces I’ve withheld for fear of being rejected and judged!

So it’s with a gentle new confidence that I reveal my new and vastly improved page to you!

When I shared some of the pieces on a women’s Facebook group, of woman said: Tamara, thank you for sharing your story, it is very inspiring and authentic! I always think about the power of words and how they can encouraging or be damaging to our souls. I’m glad your wonderful, intuitive personality is taking off!! What a wonderful, special gift you have!

Her words encouraged me to dig deeper and reveal more details about my past, to be vulnerable and real!

This is my past. It might be radically different from others but it’s what I experienced, so I don’t need to hide it anymore!!

Click to go to my updated page!

This photo, which I downloaded from Facebook, really has great significance for me!



4 thoughts on “Sharing my JUICY history!

  1. It’s funny that you mention “the truth behind the truth”. This i s constantly my perspective, but I find that very few can relate. It’s always nice to find another intuitive out there.
    Like you, I’ve found my spiritual wings outside the church. Ours is a spiritual community, not necessarily connected by physical proximity, but through a Spirit that is present and flows through the whole of nature.

    Have a very good day Tamara.

    Infinite blessings!


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    • Thank you Art! Infinite blessings and peace to you too! I’m interested in being part of a connection and having a sense of community! I’m discovering more and more blessings!


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  2. Intuitives are often born that way. I know my wife and I were. It is an odd thing for people to recognize that some people just know things without any learning. But we do.
    Apparently this has intensified in the general population from generation X forward. The reason for it seems to be because we are approaching the end of the age, and things that people once had a lifetime to learn must now be learned very quickly. There isn’t much time left for the outdated dwellers of this earth plane.
    The different churches have long buried their own psychic ability which is the spirit of prophecy. They limit this to some far off dispensation that ended with the disciples. The truth is, it continues today and has greatly intensified in the last 50 years. But the churches regularly turn souls with these gifts out because it interferes with their moneymaking and the lock they have on minds with their brand of doctrine. Is Christ divided. Argument over. Any doctrine that needs protection from prophecy is nothing. Christ brings people together through this gift. It is the one gift that the Bible points out that believers should universally covet. This is because it is the one gift that all believers can and should universally have.
    We each a different path in the Spirit. The natives still have a better understanding of certain points than do other religions. Sometimes in order to grow our souls, Almighty takes us along unforeseen paths. This is just to grow us in the directions in which we are deficient. If we know The Most High’s leading, we have nothing to fear for the future.

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    • *smile!* It’s so nice to meet another Intuitive! I really appreciate that you stopped by to give so much insight and encouragement!

      Life is so challenging but when people have gifts many times they’re treated like they’re cursed! Like you said, these kinds of gifts undermine their power and control they have over people.

      Before I entered into either of these churches I had understood from my own bible reading that LOVE is the foundation and the ultimate yardstick for everything!

      When I became a member, that notion was challenged! I continued to stand by it, because that spotlight reveals whether someone is real and genuine or if they’re a hypocrite! Trust me, people don’t like a mirror that shows their inner natures!

      Being an intuitive meant that I had a grasp of “the truth behind the truth”, and in a society where so many churchgoer’s faith is only an outward show, meant that my ability to see behind smoke screens wasn’t welcome!

      It’s very disillusioning to experience this! Thankfully I’ve learned I can have a spiritual life outside of church! Nature is my cathedral now, and everything and everyone in God’s creation can be my teacher! Is has become so liberating to experience this, knowing I can find guidance and grounding simply by going for a walk and allowing my mind to roam… For it always seems to return with a good answer!


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