Accepting and Embracing the Depressed Side of Ourselves

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4 thoughts on “Accepting and Embracing the Depressed Side of Ourselves

  1. I was so happy to read your article, Tamara! And I really liked the bit toward the very end: “Interestingly I’v heard that when we make a decision that WE HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH, we can start to leave all the old negative inner thoughts behind.” So true..we have to decide that we don’t want the pain anymore! Great piece ❤


    • Thank you Marie!! Learning that thought was a huge pivotal moment for me! It really helped me turn that enormous ship I was piloting from very negative inner thoughts to positive ones! It took me quite a while to fully accomplish that since I had many deeply embedded tapes that went to the core of my soul.

      Even when we don’t feel we have the strength to do it, if we keep taking those baby steps we’ll still make progress!

      If we make baby steps and check in on ourselves in a week or a month, we might not be able to see enough progress to feel satisfied, but after a year we can see improvement! Then after two years we can see distance between who we currently are and who we were before!!

      Thanks for stopping by and talking!


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      • Tamara, I’m sorry it took me a while to reply here! Yes, one more thing-how important it is, like you said, to not give up. It’s hard to notice the changes from a day-to-day basis, but that doesn’t mean they’re not happening. Thanks for being so positive and inspiring. Blessings to you ❤

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      • Thanks Marie! I appreciate your feedback! I made a vow a few years ago to be positive in how I responded to EVERYONE on all social media. I think I’ve been about 95% successful. Not everyone notices and some even just dislike it, but that’s their universe, it’s not mine!

        I’ve found that taking the time to frame things as positively and as encouragingly as I can that it boomerangs back to me and helps me to see the positive in even very negative situations. This helps keep my own depressed thoughts at bay.

        This is more than just feeling gratitude. It goes a step deeper in that it entails finding and seeking the positive possible solutions in a situation and focusing on those!

        This life tactic has paid off in the past couple of years when my daughter has had one roadblock after another interfering with buying a house. She has just signed on a house which means she can now find employment in our town instead of commuting and hour and a half away. This also means that I will be released from my commitment of taking care of the three kids , since she leaves at dawn and returns at 8:30 pm, so that I can go back to work myself.

        It would have been easy to get into negative thinking: she’s not meant to have a house, she’s cursed, etc!

        With each roadblock we did our best to find the positive nugget to be able to keep moving forward!


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