False Incarceration Statistics are Creating TERRIBLE Biases!

I just read a very revealing article by a fellow blogger, someone who’s been working on the inside of our justice system in the USA and her observations and records show a completely different picture than what we’ve been led to believe!

This is so wildly against the grain of what we’re told! This points to more than a systemic bias, it points more to a genocide of MORALE for people of color.

If you can convince entire groups of people that they will never amount to much and that they’re doomed to be criminals, then people lose hope.

The real criminals are the people perpetrating this in the name of subjugating people of color. That is pure racism at work! That smacks of pure evilness! The people who feel it would be unfair to incarcerate whites because “it would ruin their lives” and feel that people of color should be incarcerated for minor things a white will get a hand slap for, because “they’ll land up in prison sooner or later” are the ones CREATING these skewed and biased statistics in the FIRST place!

If ALL young people (irregardless of color) would be given community work for minor infractions and then receive counseling to lead them towards  college/ job training/ entrepreneurship, I’m sure we’ll see MUCH, MUCH lower rates of future incarceration, and it would be evenly balanced between all colors and races!

Give people hope rather than taking it away! Raise expectations rather than lowering them! Most people will strive to live out the expectations set for them! When the benchmark is high, people work hard to achieve. When the benchmark is low or nonexistent then people give up hope!

How about we turn things around instead of putting sticks into people’s wheels, preventing them from moving forward!

Thank you Suzi for sharing your observations with us!

Please read her article and if you’re as outraged as I am then please share!

False statistics

Peace, Tamara


2 thoughts on “False Incarceration Statistics are Creating TERRIBLE Biases!

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      Wow! That’s a very open ended question! So many things to take into consideration! Age, interests, skill level… I think the best thing to do is to go to a local toy store/ game shop and speak with the staff there! I’m sure you’ll get a few great recommendations!

      Good luck!


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