Dangerous Malware Sites Posing as Free Sites Pirating Books and Artwork!!

Buyer beware!!

It’s come to my attention that there are websites offering pirated artwork and books… The only thing is, when you click on the “Download” button, you get malware instead of the freebie you may have thought you snagged!! ****DO NOT PRESS THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON on THOSE sites!!!!***

***Please only make your purchases of artwork and books through REPUTABLE sites!!!*** Both Amazon and Fine Art America have “https” at the beginning of their web address, the “s” standing for secure. This means they have powerful firewalls to protect their customers sensitive payment information. I chose to list with larger, reputable sites after I had done my research, so that my readers and collectors would be protected!

How did I find out about these pirating/malware sites?

Firstly through an author forum I’m a member of on LinkedIn. There were a few very angry authors voicing their displeasure that it APPEARED that their book had been pirated and was being offered at a very low cost or free.

They were strongly advising all of us to Google our books to see if any of our titles had been pirated. Then today I had been tagged by a friend on a Facebook posting re art pirated from Fine Art America, where I have my artwork for sale.

I’ve investigated both the pirated books and artwork, and lo and behold, the unsuspecting person who clicks the download button on these nefarious sites will download malware onto their device!

There’s a few clues to be able too see if it’s a legit site or not. When I clicked on the links to see their terms or to find out how to contact them, I pulled up a blank page.

Now, I know that I didn’t authorize these sites to “sell” my artwork and books! They do so COMPLETELY without permission or authorization. Their primary purpose isn’t to sell you a low priced or free book or artwork!

Why do they do this?

To install malware which will allow them to access  your device and to be able to steal your identity online. Just google this to see what horrors they can do and have done!

I’m writing this article as a public service to help thwart anyone from unknowingly downloading any malware from these sites!

Peace to all my readers! Tamara

PS: Do I see this as Karma for anyone who is trying to get around paying the author or artist their hard earned money? That’s not for me to judge or decide!!

My ultimate goal is to see that everyone is safe and healthy!

So, keep safe everyone!

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Peace, Tamara


7 thoughts on “Dangerous Malware Sites Posing as Free Sites Pirating Books and Artwork!!

  1. That is so unfair. It shows how empty they really are that they have to steal other people’s work like that. This shows that there aren’t many creators out there and that all they want to do is hurt others for selfish reasons.


    • Normapadro these guys use our work the same way a pedophile uses candy to lure kids and then perpetrate terrible things onto their victims. Our works are the candy, the lure to attract their victims.

      By letting the public know, hopefully they can stay off those shadowy sites.

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      • I know the place you are talking about. A long time ago I belonged to a social networking forum and there was another person that decided to follow me. I looked at their profile since I always do to learn about the people behind the writings and to my surprise they were selling one of my works. I didn’t know why they were following me since they had my work for sale. I didn’t do anything about it, because I figured they were either stealing other people’s work as well. It got to me, but I just let it go. I thought it could be just anyone then I thought my work is out there for anyone to read and if they probably copy and pasted my work I couldn’t do anything about it. I think it can happen to anyone, the thing is that they won’t tell anyone about it. Just like music piracy these people are everywhere. I had to cool down a lot, because writing is very important to me and I wanted to make a living at it. I soon learned that there are thieves all over the world. I don’t know if this is right, but afterwards people will know the work belongs to me, because the person didn’t even change the title or that I was the one that wrote it. They may make money at it, but my name was still on my work. I also figured something out as well. If other people get viruses from downloading those books I don’t have anything to do with that. My work is on Amazon and their website is where anyone can download my work from. Only their official site sells my work. They can research my name and find me on all search engines if they want to learn more about my work. This is why I don’t worry too much about those piracy sites. I see this as more exposure for my work too. I learned to worry about things like these like I have learned to worry when people curse at me on reviews on my work. Some things are just so uncomfortable, but they are there. Have a great day. 🙂

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      • Sounds like you’ve got a handle on this Norma! I wish things weren’t this way, but they are!

        Have a great weekend!


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