Cafe Chill: A New Vibe

How cool is this?! My birthday buddy, fellow artist and friend helped put Cafe Chill on the map! Awesome sauce! I hope you’ll follow Louise and read more of her experiences in Ella, Sri Lanka!!



Sept 2011- Aug 2014: We didn’t return to Sri Lanka for three years. The villa deal fell through, with so much bribery and corruption going down with the Sri Lankan government, we decided to pull out of our business interests there and focus on keeping our investments on home turf.

Nevertheless, Dash kept soldiering on, through thick and thin, he never lost hope. He experienced several health issues, but no matter what, he still pursued his dream, and that was to make his cafe a desirable international destination.

We spoke to Dash fortnightly and he continued to request our advice on the best methods of running his enterprise. Graeme gave him multiple tips about renovations, finance and accounting, wine and food tips as well as proofreading my menu designs.

I created several new logos, menus and advertisements, set up new social media pages for Facebook, TripAdvisor as well as communicated with Lonely Planet.


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