The Meltdown.

Louise was one of my guest bloggers, she’s found her writing wings! I hope you enjoy her new work and will follow her blog! She has some cool articles! I particularly like her new theme of writing about Sri Lankan food!


meltdownAll my life I felt like I was expected to please people through my art. Coming from a family who did not understand my creative process did not make things much easier. Copping a compliment from my family would be like winning the lottery. The only people who genuinely love my work were my parents. My siblings are a different story. My husband describes people who don’t appreciate art as “people who look at art like its a ham sandwich”, that pretty much sums up my siblings. I always wished that at least one of them was also an artist, but then again, who knows, perhaps a competitive attitude would dampen our relationship.

Nevertheless I always aimed to please, and even though my mum loved the fact that I was an artist, it was a bittersweet relationship. “it needs to look more like the photograph” she would say. I remember…

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