Feeling Happy When a Goal is Missed By a Hair? My apologies to everyone for not getting the Live Streaming Event done right!!

What do you focus on when you miss a goal by a hair?

Do you berate yourself and come up with a negative diatribe about how it’s not going to happen because you’re such a __________?

Do you get overwhelmed and depressed about not meeting that goal and suspect you set the bar to high for something you wanted and thst maybe you should set your sights lower in the future?

(Truthfully, my inner dialogue used to run that way, and if I don’t monitor myself I can start sliding back into old habits!)


Do you dust yourself off, take a good look at the situation, see where things went wrong and promise yourself to get better, to improve so that next time things will go well?

It’s all a matter of choice, of perspective. 

We choose our thoughts! We have the power to do that even when it overwhelmingly feels like we don’t!

My live streaming event didn’t go as planned yesterday!

I had prepared my talk. Prepared my PowerPoint presentation. Set up an event in YouTube. I thought I had done all the prep I could. 

Except that YouTube changed which coding software we can use in mid September, so that made all the online how-to’s obselete!

When I pressed the link to start the streaming event I was prompted to use Google hangout. I downloaded the app to my phone. We got something going… It appeared we were live!

I gave my talk and all appeared to go well! People thanked me afterwards for an information filled and helpful talk!

Then I pressed the stop button for the live streaming event and my phone screen went BLACK!!!

I didn’t worry initially, a couple people reassured me that because it was an hour long presentation that it might take time to upload or to buffer… None of us knew anything about the app. 

I went home and left the black screen to do it’s thing… For hours… NOTHING! 

Finally I Googled what to do when a phone screen goes black after a Hangout. Apparently this is a problem with Hangout!

Had I known ahead of time this might have happened I wouldn’t have taken the chance. I’d have just filmed the presentation and uploaded it to YouTube! Boom!

Sigh! So now I’m left empty handed! No filmed presentation and no link to give out!

In the next couple of days I’m going to figure out how to offer the PDF of the slideshow for you, since there’s a lot of great information in it on Self-publishing!

I will also be figuring out how to do a live streaming event since I have another presentation coming up on October 6th. It’ll be short, just 15 minutes and I’ll be talking to high school sophomores at a career fair. 

Figuring out how to do live streaming is now a challenge for me to learn and hopefully master! I need to be able to check this off my internal list!!

PS: I’d like to thank everyone who took the opportunity to download my thank you gift of the Kindle version of my book! Here’s the link to my Amazon Author page: Tamara’s Amazon page! I hope you’ll leave me some kind thoughts there!


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