Messing up a Job Interview…

I’m not an Ace at job interviews… Invariably I mess up on stuff I know very well!

I can stand in front of a group of people and speak, but JOB INTERVIEWS? Oh my! They’re my nemesis! I freeze up on simple questions I know the answers to!

I had a phone interview today with a fantastic non-profit. When I had read the job description and read about the company I drooled at the thought of working there!

What did I do when asked why I wanted to work there! I PULLED A COMPLETE BLANK!

It was like my mind ground to a silent standstill and I started to say random things. I’m not sure I remember what I said, but I felt stuck in that blank moment and struggled to get my mind moving again. I’m sure it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion! LOL!

I don’t think I made a stellar impression in that moment! If I could have chosen a time for my mind to cease up and go blank, I definitely would have chosen much differently!

I did my best to get my brain moving again and not dwell on that awful moment!

In some ways messing up in a job interview is very much like falling down during a dance performance… You have to pick yourself up and just keep going! Dwelling on the mistakes just adds more potential to mess up again!

I’m definitely praying I get that job, in spite of having messed up in parts! I’m praying they can overlook that and see the potential for a great employee! 

Job interviews! Agh! A necessary aspect of life, but oh, so difficult for many of us!

In those instances where we mess up, we need to instantly FORGIVE ourselves and keep moving forward! Let the chips fall where they may, for dwelling on those moments will only magnify them and have the potential effect of booby-trapping us in future situations!

We all mess up at one point or another! Forgive, learn and move on!

Have a great weekend everyone!


7 thoughts on “Messing up a Job Interview…

  1. Hello Tam,

    I was just wondering if I could receive updates for your page on This email address I have tried to use for family and friends and personal letters rather than general updates, forwards, petitions etc. If there is something I need to do at my end to change this, could you please let me know. Sincerely Louise >

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    • Hmmm… Not sure, but maybe you could unsubscribe and resubscribe? Or click follow by email?

      The back end of it is a little mystery to me!


    • Louise, I put the question into the help forum on WordPress and was told there’s nothing I can do from my end. It was suggested that you “unfollow”, then type in your new or preferred email into the “Follow by email” field and that should solve the problem!



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