I Stopped Wearing Antiperspirant a Month Ago! What Do I Wear Instead?

I had been trying to find an alternative to antiperspirant for a long time, but going through Menopause for a few years and having stinky sweat problems when I tried any alternatives had kept me chained to my brand of choice!

I’ve been worried about the additives found in typical antiperspirant sticks and what future issues my body might have to deal with, yet I was unwilling to go with a different solution, probably due to my fear of smelling bad!

I’d been using Coconut oil for a few months to moisturize my skin and to nourish my hair, with wonderful results! My skin feels softer and my hair has gone from coarse (due to hormonal changes with menopause) back to the softness it had when I was younger!

I use an organic oil, and have found through trial and error, that there’s some with the typical coconut aroma and some without! I prefer the ones without the aroma!

Last month I read a little anecdote that coconut oil is effective under the arms for controlling odors!

Wow! That made sense to me since it’s anti microbial and anti bacterial. 

I decided to experiment without throwing away my antiperspirant stick!

Only a little is needed! 

When I dry off from the shower I apply a THIN layer of coconut oil all over my body, face and hair, including under my arms. 

On days I don’t shower, a little dab spread under the arms does the trick!

What are my findings? Do I sweat profusely? Do I start to smell at the end of the day?

I was very surprised to discover that I barely sweat under my arms, even during and after a workout! 

There’s been NO smell! My 5 year old granddaughter even started putting her nose to my armpits and telling me I smell nice! ( I know this sounds gross but little kids will do strange things sometimes! LOL!)

I was very nervous about my recent public speaking event where I spoke for an HOUR in front of 50 women. I decided to use only the coconut oil and put it to the test!

As we all know STRESS SWEAT is the worst, and gets worse when we smell our bad odor, because that stresses us out too!

I didn’t smell badly! In fact I kept smelling fresh!

I experimented again the next week when I spoke in front of three different groups of high school seniors at a career fair. Once again sweaty smells weren’t an issue!

I’ve become accustomed to using the oil now, and have found that even some of my tshirts which had been accumulating some underarm smells in spite of vigorous washing, are now losing those old odors, due to the thin layer of oil coming in contact with the fabric, (when I wear the shirt!) Interesting! (I wouldn’t recommend putting the oil directly on the shirt, as it can cause oil stains!)

I waited for a month before sharing this information because I wanted to see how my experiments went!

I’m happy to recommend coconut oil to you to try for yourself too!

Peace, Tamara 

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