Manifesting our Thoughts: More from “Adventures of the Soul”… The missing ingredient!

This article is a continuation of Choosing our Thoughts which has been inspired from reading James Van Praagh’s book “Adventures of the Soul”.

Do all thoughts have the same power to create our futures? 

If we have random weird thoughts, will those have the same strength as deep wishes? 

Are we victims of our untamed thoughts or do we have power to change them? 

I read with interest how emotions give energy to our thoughts and what’s the missing ingredient!

“The stronger the emotion you put into a thought, the more life and creativity you are giving it. If you add motivation and intent behind the emotional thought, you’re adding the extra boost of fuel, making it more direct and focused. Now, once you get the hang of that, throw in the best ingredient of all: LOVE!”

Love is actually Spirit energy – it permeates everything – bit here in the physical dimension, we don’t always access that energy. The objective of this book is to help you realize that manifesting the energy of love is your most important assignment on Earth. So if you back your thought with love, there’s no stopping it!

A very good habit to get into when you wake up in the morning is to create an intention and send out that thought with love. If you get into this routine, I guarantee that your life will change. (I include some affirmations and meditations in this book that you can use for this purpose.)


The last thing I want to share with you in this chapter is to keep your thoughts focused on what you have instead of what you don’t have. If you send the message out to the Universe that there is lack, the universe will make sure that lack is amplified. Whatever your focus is, the universe will provide. God says “yes”, the Ego says “No”. Think positively, because positive thinking is in more alignment with your soul. Negative thinking will bring confusion and bitterness. Remind yourself several times a day to bring your mind to a positive place and send that positivity out.”

Get your free copy of James book!

This is so profound and so simple that it may be easy to overlook!

I’m working on feeling loving about my positive thoughts and to manifest all sorts of wonderful things for my life, my family and loved ones!

Join me?


Thank you for reading my books!

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